[SL BOOK 3] Definitely a Sadist!

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3 years ago, everything was so perfect that every night they were fantasizing the day they’ll marry each other and on how they will raise their child together. But trials came; trust and faith were tested.

Way back then? They were so madly in love with each other. So so that the other almost forgot to love herself.

She, who loved, suffered.

She, who believed, almost died.

She, who fought for him, failed.

‘Cause he, who loves her so much, gave up.

So she, who left, did forget everything.

Everything including her bad past.

Now that she’s back, will they accept her for who she is? Will they accept the new her? Since, the old she, was once a weakling, a crybaby, a sweet lady and a martyr.

Or will she bother herself to know if they can accept the new her?

Can she face her friends, her acquaintances, and her ex now that she’s back?

Or rather, can they face her instead?

For the new Miyuki Sharlot Parco is now definitely a Sadist.


SL BOOK 3: Definitely a Sadist! (FIN)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!