Special UD chapter 6

o hinihintay ng lahat POV niiiiii



Lance’s POV



I saw someone. She’s cute. She is crying. I want to ask her why is she crying but mom is holding me tight and we walked away from her.

I tried to pull my hands off my mommy but she said “Lance hwag makulit ngayon. We’ll play later nalang, is that okay with you baby?”

Now we’re back at the big building. Mommy opened the door with numbers on it, 444. Xyla is there. Crying. Mommy went to her and kissed her and said “we’ll talk later okay? Lets play with your kuya Lance later. So don’t cry na baby.”

“uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Mommy! My toy!!!” Xyla cries awfully loud! I plugged mommies earphone and listen to a song. It was an old song. I couldn’t listen to it all the time but I need this now. Xyla is crying, very loud. She’s loud like mommy. -___-

Mommy went inside their room. Xyla is still sniffing like the girl I saw earlier. They’re alike.

“Xyla” she ignored me. -____-

I walked closer to her and gave her my chocolate. “eat this. It’s sweet. It will make you happy”

“my toy!!!” -___-

“what toy?” she has too many toys. Already. What’s wrong with her toy?

“nitakbo ni doggy” TToTT “kuya is my toy yummy?”

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