Chapter 3

Jade's  POV 

* Dreams *

" Please don't hit her " , " SHUT UP GIRL " I shrank back. i hate it when both Kate and i  go to a foster home , we only get beaten half of the time. They  yell and scream at us , calling us bad words just because of a mistake. I just want my real mommy , i don't want to go to another foster home so she can kiss me when am hurt and buy me food and tuck me to bed and i would have a mother and a father who took care of  - I Ran as he try to catch me and hit me again with the big stick and i look the door as i enter inside the room. it was like that in every foster home Kate and i went too and it was like a nightmare just because people tend to take us for money.

              I woke up with my heart bounding in my chest and sweating like a pig. I hated to have a dream about the foster homes , yet every night from the moment Kate left , I always get them. maybe in a different life time we wouldn't have to say goodbye , those words i say with tears in my eyes as i remember Kate clearly and what she meant to me , she was like my big sister.

I wore my snickers and took my pack bag going downstairs in the orphanage wanting to escape once and for all. i look back and fourth and didn't find anyone and all of them were a sleep and it was about 3 AM in the morning , i have wanted to escape since the day Kate got arrested but i couldn't the eyes were all on me but for the in the past few months  , i came up with a plan to get a revenge with every detail measured with very specific information. I was really only 14 but i could do anything that comes with lying and theft if there was a degree for that i would have gotten it without a sweat. 

I went outside in the back yard of the orphanage taking a shovel and digging a hole in the ground to get the money i burred. " Who is there " a voice from behind yelled as i took the money and ran away throw the  fence and the first idea that got into my head was to go eat in some place as i cover my head with a hood and walk to Mcdonalds to order a meal and sit in to review my plan for the last time before i begin...

It is 6 am in the morning now and i am head to do my plan, i went to the shopping mall and bought the necessary equipment for my operation with some of  the money I stole. I took a bus and went to a studio that wrote on top of it 'OUAT STUDIOS '. I took a deep breath as i head inside and went to the bathroom to change what i wore and dress for the occasion. There was a need for planner assistant and i knew they needed a referees and some paper to prove it and i already had them and i went to dress as i disguise as a man with make up and i learned that from youtube tutorials. I wanted to disguise as a man because it will most likely increase my opportunity to get accepted and to look older than my age and i didn't want to ruin my plan in any possible way.

I entered the studio where there were many people , I was wearing a suit and my cover up make up.

" hello , what is your name " a man asked me.

" j-ack " i stumbled as the only thing i forgot to do was to come up with a name.

i finished my interview as I gave them my papers which were all fake but i had them stamped and everything so they don't seem fake , with the help of Megan uncle who was a professional hacker and he did that for a living.

3 Days had past....

I was living in some what a motel which was like living in hell where you couldn't even sleep and i walked around like a man all the time so no one would ask any question.

phone rang...

" hello " i answered half a sleep at 7 in the morning.

" can i took to mr.jack please " the man on the phone answered.

" yes " i said as i changed my voice which seem a little high for a man but well there is men that sounds like that.

" i would like to inform you that you got the job and you can start today at 11pm if you could "

" okay , thank you " i said as i closed the line and part one of the plan was achieved.

I changed my cloth and put my make up on and went to the studios and before I started they gave me a strict rules to not talk to the actors nor talk to anyone except the planner which was my boss apparently and i only talk to people when i was asked to.

" hello " a voice from behind stated as i look back and it was a girl in her mid 20s.

" hey " i replied.

" so you are the new employee here " the women asked.

" yes , apparently "

" they said you are 26 but you look younger " she asked as she got closer.

"  everyone say i have a baby face " i said , chuckling nervously.

" well , at least  you are the hottest one in here " she stated as she winked and said goodbye.

' that was weird , at least i am hotter as a guy than i am as a girl ' i thought as a voice pulled me away from my thoughts.

" please Amanda bring me my phone in the trailer , i think i left it there " lana said as i turned back and there she was. dressed as the evil queen.

 the range of my anger was bigger than I was and the hate burred inside was too much for me to handle as my mouth ran before my brain could process it " no need for the outfit " i murmured  or thought so as i knew she was evil without any outfit on.

" excuse me " lana said as she stared at me.

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