More About Extra Prizes

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Here's some more information about the extra prizes.

~Best Helper;
To recieve the best helper award, you must help out greatly to that year's awards. This includes sending in suggestions, entries, voting for tons of entries, and more. I will take note of how much each participant has helped.

~Most Entries Submitted;
To recieve the most entries submitted award, you must submit several entries. They can be your own, or a nomination from someone else. This goes for all categories. I will be taking note of how many entries each participant submits.

~Best Sport;
To recieve the best sport award, you must be an incredibly good sport. You have to accept when you don't win, when your entered category doesn't make it, and more. I will be taking note of how good of sports radio g participant is.

~Instagram Favorite;
To recieve the Instagram favorite award, your entry must have the most likes on Instagram after submissions close. I will post the cover of each entered story, a piece of sample artwork from each art book, a sample poem, or the cover entered depending on the category. Your entry is only eligible for this award if the category makes it to voting.

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