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To submit something to any of the categories, you have to follow a guideline/template. The templates vary for each category.

Fiction Books;
Genre of Story:
Author: (if it isn't you)

Non-Fiction Books;
What Book is About:
Author: (if it isn't you)

Title: (if entire book)
Poem Title: (is singular poem)
Where to find Poem: (if singular poem)
Poet: (if isn't you)

Title: (if entire book)
Artwork Title: (if single piece)
Where to find Artwork: (if single piece)
Artist: (if isn't you)

Where to find Cover:
Title of Book Cover is for:
Is the Cover for a Real Book?:
Creator: (if isn't you)

If you submit your entry using a different setup, it will not be accepted until you use the correct setup.

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