Categories/Contest Types

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There are five different contest categories/types for you to submit stories into. Note that you can submit up to two entries per contest type, and can submit into more than one type. Here are the contest types:

•Fiction Books•
•Non-Fiction Books•

Fiction Books- Submit your Fictional story into this category! It can be any genre of story, but has to be Fiction. It can be Realistic or Historical Fiction, but can't tell a completely true story.

Non-Fiction Books- Submit your Non-Fiction book here! It can. D about anything, as long as it's true. It can be an article type thing, the story of a real person, anything as long as it's true. One thing I will not accept, is stories such as, My Bio, where you talk about your life.

Poetry- Submit your poem or book of poetry here! A book of poetry will count as one entry, a singular poem will also count as one entry. Your poem(s) can be about anything you want. It can be creepy, sad, enlightening, happy, bright, nature, anything you want it to be.

Art- Submit your artwork here! A book of artwork will count as one entry, as will a single drawing. Your drawing can be of anything you want, an OC, fictional character, self portrait, landscape, animal, anything you want!

Covers- Submit your best cover here! Your cover can be for an exsisting story, or random! The title can be anything you want, as can the genre and author name. You can use any picture you want.

If you have any questions about the categories, feel free to ask me!

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