Chapter 1: The Breakup

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It was Thursday morning Naya woke up next to her boyfriend, his name was John he and Naya had been together for almost year and a half now Naya was 24 when she met him, but she wasn't sure about him anymore, it didn't felt right but despite of the fact she was having second thoughts for this relationship from past 4 months she never cheated on him.

"Good morning baby" John greeted with a smile Naya returned a cute smile back, "You remember we have our dinner reservation tonight at El Star right?" Naya said lazily getting out of her bed "Yeah I do" said John grabbing his phone and getting out of room,Naya followed him in the kitchen making him some coffee. He went to bathroom to get ready for his "band rehearsal" John was a 27 year old man and had no job he just fooled around with his friends and used to completely depend on Naya whereas Naya was a music teacher and doing some extra time to save up for her future.

After John left the apartment Naya started cleaning up the mess John and His friend made the last night which was kind of gross after an hour of cleaning up the mess,Naya was about to call Dianna suddenly the door bell rang and scared the hell outta her. *Ting tong* Naya peeked through the door hole it was Dianna.

Dianna was her best friend, they were Friend since kindergarten they grew up together went to highschool together they shared room together at college too. Naya let her in with a huge grin on her face "Hey baby girl" Dianna kissed on Naya cheeks.

"I was about to call you babe"

Naya said letting Di in.

"why is that so?" Di said sitting in the couch.

"I need to talk" Naya said in her frustrated voice.

"Okay come here" , Dianna pointed at the couch next to her.

Naya took a sit next to Dianna, Dianna clutched thier hands together "Okay now tell me what's wrong?". Dianna asked sensing something wrong in Naya's voice.

"Its about John." Naya said with ache in her voice

"What about him? Did he hurted you?". Di asked protectively. Di was always protective of Naya in high school when Naya's boyfriend broke Naya's heart Di practically broke that guys nose.

"No its just that.." Naya said holding onto Di's hand.

"Naya you can tell me anything you want baby, but you know that i don't like that guy right?

Dianna never liked John she sensed something wrong in him, he even tried to make a move on her once but she didnt tell Naya because she didn't wanted to break Naya's heart.

"Yes i do, but lately i have been feeling that i am not myself i mean i used to love John and.."

"Used to?" Dianna cutted Naya's word With confusion in her voice

"I don't know Dianna i am confused it just doesn't feel right any more." Naya said tear running down her eyes.

"its okay" Di tried comforting her by hugging her then Naya phone rang it was John "Hey baby sorry I cant make it to dinner tonight I got this... Uh uhmm work" John said,

"Okay see you later"

Naya said feeling a relief.

"Its John he had to cancel " She said turning her face to Di

"Aww its okay and you know what? I need to spend sometime with you lets have a bestie night out. Lets party tonight" Di said throwing her hands up in air

"All right" said Naya smiling at Di reaction

After 8 hours

They were at "Club karma" partying hard, well yes both were drunk as hell "Di tell me something I dont know" Naya said Still drunk "huh? What?" Di replied confused "Come on there maybe something you never told me isn't there?" Naya said

And as you all know alcohol makes you say truth even if you dont want to that is why alcohol were made at 1st place to make people tell the truth, well no actually.

"Naya last month at new years part John tried to kiss me and touch me i tried pushing him off but he wouldnt stop and you know what is funny? He wasn't even drunk" Di said

"what?! Why didnt you tell me that? I am gonna kill that son of a bitc*" Naya replied shocked and angry.

" I thought you wouldnt believe me or it would hurt you" Di said talking one last shot of vodka.

"No Baby you are more important okay? And nobody messes with Naya's girl" Naya said pulling Dianna out of the club "where are we going?" Di asked.

"To kill that asshole" Naya said getting into her car

As they were driving drunk and doing 70 in 60 Naya said "I love you Di and i don't even love him you are my best friend and nobody does that to you okay?"

Di was too drunk to reply

As they were passing she saw John's car outside his friends apartment they pulled in.

She went up and knocked to Karan apartment suddenly they inside the apartment where they were having a crazy party Naya doesn't even know who opened the door. And in the couch there was John making out with some college girl, "You son of a" Naya punched in right into his face. "Naya its not what it looks like" John, said holding his nose which was now bleeding,

"Oh yeah? The thing you did to Di was also not what it seems like asshole?!" Naya screamed in top of her voice.

"You told her? You told me you wouldn't tell her" John said, rubbing his temple "Well fuck you we are over".

Naya said Getting out of that apartment

The next morning John came over and took his belongings that was the last time Naya ever saw him.


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