01 | doomed

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As I stare at my own odd reflection,

all I can see is an absolute blank expression

of a seemingly pretty face.

As my irises begin to darken,

an enigmatic type of haze

appears all of a sudden.

I stand still, firm, and placid

I look indifferent and frigid

as I bury my face in the palm of my hands,

that's when I find out I have no chance

—no chance to change anymore!

"I can never go back to who I was before."

as I say those words I hear a knock on my door

I cannot move so I try to scream out

till my lungs give out

but no words come out of my ugly, dry mouth.

A minute after I feel a tremor in my body,

shaking heavily as I collapse abruptly

the haze goes anywhere

and my pain is still there.

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