Roc Pov

I slept after that I hated what issa did to me he butt raped me and then made me give him head and you know what I really got fat after that because food was my out let but then I got back skinny and strong because I felt as if I was a pig and disgusted with my self and only prod got me out of it after issa did what he did I went and cried to prod's arms and he let me I was put throughout mental hospitals and all those boys did was not get caught

I hated my life I tried to kill myself and not able why because everything was safety and that's when I got sick of everything and to a razor blade and. Cut yup I cute but being vampire it's 're fixed my skin

Prodigy Pov

Rocs pain was worded than mine I don't even know how I still eat chicken Jacob l took a chicken drum stick and put it in my but and used that to do the nasty stuff and then ate it I hate to even look at him now and my torture is going to be chicken

Nina Pov

They rapped me and Tera for times a day 2 in the morning two at night then they would make us give them head and if we didn't do it right they would beat us Violenly I still hate men that's why I'm gay and I befriended Princeton because he was nice and caring and never touched me we all met up today

My weapon is beating ass

Tera Pov

I'm down stairs making pancakes for my girl and the boys and I can't wait to whoop they was I'm bout to kick them to the moon and make them suffer and die slowly PRICETON left because he had to go talk to the gods and devil for forgiveness about what we FINNA do and stuff like that and I just can't wait to kick ass my weapons are anything I find

Princeton walked in and Ray prod roc and Nina came down in pjs and Nina looked good

"Food" I say

They ran for the pancakes and roc waited and grabbed his plate

"Wait don't eat that roc" I said

"Why" he asked I grabbed it and ran to the kitchen with him behind me on my tail for his food I put blood in his surp and then in the pancake and gave him it he smell it and smiled

"Thanks" he said I nodded and ate my food

Ray Ray Pov

"Y'all ready" Princeton asked

I ran up the stairs got dressed in Ready To Kill Niggas shirt and Black Kombat Boots Black Jeans and My shirt is black I throw on a vest a black one and black cut off the finger gloves and put my hair and braids and then I put on my black Goggles and black gages

And Came down with my gun and sord and some other stuff in an bag

Princeton was dressed in black skinny jeans some black adidas and black V neck and then had on a thug scarf on his head and some shades and gages

Prod had on Nicky mouse black and white and black Jordan's and some black jeans he put on a black leather jacket and some type of glasses

Roc had on red v neck black skinny red combat boots black gloves and a black vest and a black hat

Nina Pov

I got dressed in black wrapped up shorts and a purple v neck and a black vest purple boots and I put on black ripped up stockings and a purple bandana that said Bitches Don't Give Up

I looked at Tera she had on Hot pink v neck Black shorts and a pink studded belt combat boots in pink and then had on nerd glasses and a bow but the glasses were black her bow was pink she put on a black leather jacket and then grabbed her hot pink ripped up gloves

We look sexy about to torture

"Come on babe" I say and drag her down stairs the boys looked like some gang members and we did two

"Ok code names are" Princeton said

"I'm Black King" Ray said

"Red Ninja" roc said

"Moon Walker" prod Said

"Pinky" Tera said

"Purple Savage" I said

"And I'm Misfits" Prince said handing us walkey talkeys and then we chose weapons prod had chicken

"Why you got chicken" I asked

"I got rapped with it" prod replied dang that's Sad

We walked out the house and get into a black van and Princeton drove really fast

And we arrived to a black warehouse and then we walked in all dramatic and we got inside Jacob L Diggy And Issa all sat tied up and stuff smiling

"Well well well we missed y'all ready for round 9" issa said

"Ok Guys this how it is me and Ray go diggy prod and Roc get Jacob l. And Nina and y'all get issa" Princeton said we nodded and went to work

I kicked issa five times in the face then took out my nice and stabbed him in the arm five and ten times

I watched Tera she smacked him and punched him and we shot him in his knees and dick

"Misfit and Black King all clear" we said in the walkey

We sat and we talked and stuff

Prod Pov

"Why you got chicken" Jacob l asked

"You don't remember well you FINNA" I said and then I stuck the chicken in his ass he was already naked and when I finished he was bleeding and I looked at him and made him eat the chicken NASTY nigga I spit on him and punched him and then let doc go he took out a razor and sliced his arms with fat digusting and whore on them and we shot stabbed him in his arms and then legs and his dick

Then we walkey princeton and Ray

"Black King and Misfits we done" and we walked to Nina and Tera and we talked

Ray Pov

I killed him and I shot him and stabbed him beheaded him and smashed his head Princeton took his dick and burned it and then jumped on his body like a trampoline

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