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Pen Your Pride

Princeton Pov

we have been working hard non stop kia is on her game shes stronger and its crazy we all have been busy actually we have not heard anything from them but its to young to predict it right now

20 Minutes Later

'ding dong'

i get up to answer the door i can smell the danger i opened it to see a box on the step

With a note on top 'Happy Birthday Bitch You missed us' I open the box with my mind powers and bam a big ass pill of free smoke come out with a video of them laughing and dancing around a fire

"Hey Prince I'm coming for ya you and ya family u see I miss that little butt of yours and your innocent crud for stop but hey when we come for you it won't be pretty" and with that the picture of them disappeared

Fear struck me and I walked into the house locking the doors I'm not playing games no more

Roc Pov

Their out oh shit my son I have to protect him him and prod for I will not lose them to these monsters

"Prod" I scream

"Yes bae"

"Can you and Lil roc go some where and I mean like to heaven for protection" I said he nodded and then left to pack him and our child's bags

"Ok bae we gone see you when the fight things over" he said fear in his eyes we cried a few tears and I hugged little roc to me closely

I waved as they left I then scurried to Prince house he opens the house he look stressed and we walked to training grounds we trained


OMG SORRY y'all. But I was mad and I'm not yelling at y'all I'm just angry cuz this boy won't stop messing with me and my boyfriend he's trying to break us up and Jacobs a foot ball player his muscles ripped he's so cute but the boy named Ray quan won't leave us be next chapter is the fight and Kia Got a Little Sum sum to handle with that bitch name Tanja

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