Slenderman x Reader

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Requested by a certain-someone who would like to stay anonymous. You know who you are, I hope you enjoy it!

My breath caught in my chest, cold air drying my mouth and leaving my tongue numb. My eyes strained to see through the fog, my legs moved as fast as they could. My heart beat quickly against my rib-cage, all the while my mind was completely blank of any coherent thoughts. Except one.

The forest whipped by me, shadows clawed at my heels. The moon did little to illuminate the trees, my torch had finally gone flat. I thought this was a bad idea, coming here, on my own. I knew this was a bad idea after I found the first page, then the second, then the third. All of them were warnings, but I also knew I had to come. Ever since I started getting sicker, seeing shapes, feeling eyes, hearing voices, coughing up blood. I had to come to the place where it all began. The day I saw the tall man with no face, watching me with no eyes, calling to me with no voice. 

I continued running until I simply couldn't go any further. As my adrenalin wore off and my body decided the danger had passed, I slowed until I stopped. Almost immediately my legs gave way beneath me and I hit the ground hard, laying on my back as I attempted to catch my breath. I licked my lips, maybe it was finally gone?

I heard a rustle in the bushes nearby and the back of my neck prickled, I sat up, still panting. I couldn't see anything. A cold breeze tickled my skin, sending a wave of goosebumps over my body and chilling me to the bone. Then a voice, like static from a t.v whispered in my ear. I jumped, still unable to see anything. Grabbing the tree I was leaning against I pulled myself up, but when I was halfway there my head hit a branch. Something wasn't right, that was too low for any brach. I turned to look at the tree and my eyes widened. That wasn't a tree, that was a tall, slender man in black. And, even worse, that wasn't a branch, that was a huge- and I mean huge- bulge in his pants. I gasped and tried to step backwards, craning my neck to see his face, a white head with no features whatsoever.

As I stumbled backwards large, snake like shadows gripped my arms, yanking me forward so I landed hard into his lower half. Another pair of shadows, which I saw as tentacles, knocked my legs out from under me. I ended up kneeling before this, this thing, with my body restrained by strong tendrils. I tried to cry out, one tentacle quickly wrapped itself around my neck and I was immediately silenced, struggling for breath. After a few moments the grip was relaxed, albeit slightly, and a pale, white hand appeared. It's long, slender fingers wiped a few strands of hair from my eyes, his featureless face seemed to be watching me. For a moment, it felt like we were connected in some way, like this was meant to happen. All too soon it ended and the hand moved to his pants, pulling them away to reveal his erect member. 

I struggled as my face was forced towards it. My lips were pressed to his tip, applying pressure as I refused to give entrance. I felt a tug at my own clothes, they were ripped away, revealing my body to the harsh cold. I gasped and I was forced forwards, taking half of the member into my mouth. I almost gagged on just that, as he slowly moved my head back and forth, his member throbbed inside of me. Gradually, I was getting used to the foreign object in my mouth.

After a while I started to wonder if this was all that was going to happen, slowly moving back and forth. I felt my body growing hotter in arousal and my panties were already wet. My emotions slowly ate away at any fear I still held and I decided there was nothing wrong with trying something else. Gently, in the hope of not aggravating the creature before me, I bobbed my head forward, taking more into my mouth. As if in response a tentacle slithered up my bare side, slowly caressing one of my breasts. I gasped and melted at it's touch, like ice and fire at the same time on my skin. I moved a little faster, trying to take a little more as another tentacle started squeezing my other breast. I realized that this was some kind of reward, the more I did, the more I was touched.