Whisper Men

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The Whisper Men are here again, m'dear,

There's no escape, I'm afraid,

Don't listen to a word they say,

Or they will take you away.

Once you hear then whispering,

You're as good as dead.

They don't move with speed,

Because they're everywhere.

They use your fear against you,

Because there is no escape.

They have no physical embodiment,

Made of pure intelligence.

Pale as ice;

They will stop your heart.

You can't run,

From the inevitable.

They're nowhere and everywhere,

The Great Intelligence,

A mind without a boy,

Sent throughout time.

Delivering a warning:

The Doctor's greatest secret is discovered.

His grave, on Trenzalore.

And his friends lost forevermore,

Unless he goes there.

No more running,

From the whispering,

Because it speaks the truth.

The Whisper Men are here again,

Don't listen to what they have to say,

For they will take you and forsake you,

With whispered lies.

No use running,

You can't hide from a whisper,

Turn a deaf ear to their calls,

Or else you will end up just like the Doctor.

Lost forevermore on Trenzalore,

His grave complete, his name spoken.

The whisper dead,

But the Whisper Men could be anywhere.

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