The Lonely Girl

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I've heard a saying, that "life is a surprise". Call me a sceptic, but I generally scoff at lines that scream something that leaves us expecting so much.

My short love story may be short on words, but it's a story that's filled every thought and day of my existence with happiness.

I'm a guy, a 26 year old guy who works in a job he likes. A guy who hangs out with his friends when the sun goes down, and one who, when the story begins, is still single.

I'm single, not because I want to be single. I think it's weird to be single. Or maybe that's what all guys think.

I'm just a guy who's been looking high and low for that girl who can make things happen inside me.

You know, your heart stops beating just for a second, your throat goes dry, you get gooseflesh, feel a bit dizzy, and the works.

I haven't experienced that. Most of my friends haven't experienced that too, but they're all going out with someone. According to them, such things happen only when you're suffering from a high temperature.

Short love stories and my life

The story of me falling madly in love didn't actually go as I had expected. My throat never got dry, ever. But then, I liked a girl. Of course, it wasn't 'love'.

Actually speaking, it wasn't even 'like'. As a matter of fact, I have no idea what I felt. I spend my evenings at a café, next to a huge television display they've now acquired, and whether I like it or not, I end up spending my time staring at it. And it bloody hell annoys me! Can't they just junk it?

Well, and just like me, there was this cute girl who would come to the same café, and stare at the same display every day. Well, sometimes she read a book.

Love stories and stolen glances

We used to glance across each other now and then, but there was nothing more. No jolt. No sweat. No knots in my stomach.

The days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to a couple of months. That's a long time once you picture the scene outside the world of literature. Long, long ago seems so cute in a book, but an hour in a suffocating conference hall? Murder! Without actually knowing it, I was attracted to this girl. I actually admired her, and her calm, comfortable, cool as a cat persona that she brought along for company every day. Could it be love?

And then, I started the staring game. I stared at her now and then, discreetly, but in a way she knew I was glancing at her. But no deal. She just wasn't bothered. Ouch! My ego was crushed.

A rainy evening - The perfect setting for short love stories

One evening, it rained cats and dogs, and a few frogs and fishes too. I was in the café, she walked in with an umbrella. The place was packed, and there was one seat that was empty. That was facing my table. I had half a mind to get up and call her over, but before I could make up my mind and inflate my courage, she walked to a corner table that just got cleared.

An hour later, it was still raining. In the midst of all that rain and thunder, I contemplated and coined her name, "The Lonely Girl". The Lonely Girl had walked out a few minutes before I decided to leave. When I got outside the café, I saw her standing by the sidewalk, waiting. I walked up to her quickly, and before I knew it I had asked her if I could drop her to her place. As it was raining, I added.

She didn't smile, she just looked at me, turned around and walked away in the rain! Under her umbrella.

My friends laughed at me. Yep, it was completely embarrassing. Even the bum on the street held back a grin. I hadn't even heard the Lonely Girl's voice. Pathetic, I say. The next day I saw her at the café, she was sitting by herself. Perhaps she was Calvin, and she had a Hobbes around to keep her company. I was invisible. Her smoke rings were fascinating her. She couldn't even leave good smoke rings, what was the deal with staring at it? This happened everyday for a month.

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