"... And that's why frogs are the way they are." I typed the last sentence of our essay. I mostly did the work since Mitch had no idea what he was doing. I read our paper and made a few grammar edits.

"So, Mitch. . . Do you want to make the paper look creative? Like, maybe add a border or change the font?" I turn to Mitch, but he wasn't in his chair. He had somehow crawled onto his bed and fallen asleep. I'm guessing he passed out or something like that because of how boring this project was. I couldn't help but notice how cute he looked when he was sleeping. I stood up and bent over tthe bed, right above his face. I held his soulder and shook him softly. "Mitch, wake up," I say with a gentle tone.

He moans as he rubs eyes. Mitch looked liked a hot mess, which was totally acceptable in my terms. He looks around, then turns to me. "Oh, you did the project all by yourself?" I nod, but I wasn't angry. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I'm just exhausted with all the drama that's been happening the past few days."

You can guess the first word that pops into my mind when someone says drama: Lauren. More like the drama queen. She was always looking for a fight, so she could win it. She was conceited and didn't think about anyone else but her. No wonder Mitch broke up with her.

"Um, so.. see you on Monday." I smile warmly at him.

"Oh, I totally forgot it was Friday today!" He laughs at how dumb he was.

I pack my stuff and print out the completed essay. "Bye!" I look at him one last time then turn and head out the door.

Mitch: The Next Day

A blast of Arctic breeze greeted me as I exit the front door of my house. Cold weather was usual up here in Canada.

Today, I was going to go to Jerome's house to tell him everything that had happened, which is what I planned to do a couple of days back until the plans were unexpectedly changed. As soon as I got to the bridge, I look at the place where Lindsay tried to commit suicide. An involuntary shiver ran up my spine. I still can't believe Lauren didn't give a shit about Lindsay trying to commit suicide. If she was going to be a cruel person her entire life, it's not going to get her anywhere. Lauren really needs to be nicer to other people, or at least not insult them.


"Mitch!" Jerome says, pulling me into a bear hug.When he pulls away, he gestures me to come inside his house. "I thought you were going to pick up the car on Thursday?" Jerome said as he closes the door.

"Well, the past two days have been confuzzling, you know." (A/N: I HAD TO)

He laughs and sits down on his couch nearest to the door. "I don't go to your highschool, hit me up with the details," Jerome says while taking a half-empty beer from the glass coffee table.

"Nothing has happened in the past two days, to be honest. I got in a fight with Lauren and broke up with her, I saved someone's life, I even-"

While standing up with confusion, he cuts me off. "Woah, woah, woah! You saved someone's life?! How and when?"

"Look, it's a long story," I say while walking over to the refrigerator and taking a bottle of water. Being Jerome's best friend for as long as I could remember, I knew I was allowed to take anything from his fridge. "But to make it short, I saved a girl from jumping off the Golden Gate bridge." I paused to get his reaction, which was complete and utter shock. "And I think I may be falling for her. . ."

His expressions change to a goofy face. "Aww, that's cute!" I laugh but stop when he asks the next question. "What happened with you and Lauren?" Jerome knew that Lauren and I were dating as soon as I spilled the news to him, which was one year ago. Now that I think about it, I have wasted one year of dating Lauren that I've never noticed Lindsay in all the commotion.

"Oh, she was kissing a guy behind my back. Literally." I frown at the thought.


"Hey, Lauren!" I say as I turn around, hoping to meet her beautiful blue eyes. "Check this video Jerome and I-" I pause in horror as I see Lauren kissing a football player. He had his arm around her waist and they were full-on making-out. I could hear the moans coming from both of them as I stare, speechless.

As soon as they pull away, I ask one simple question. "Why?" No tears were forming on my face; I guess it was meant to be.

"Oh. . . Mitch I didn't-"

"Excuses, excuses. And it's always from you, Lauren! I can't believe I even fell for you! You're nothing but a worthless whore!"

I didn't even stick around long enough to hear her petty excuses. I ran out of there like my life depended on it.

{Flashback Ends}

"Now that I think about it, I may have overreacted," I say in embarrassment. Even though Lauren was an ass, I should've let her explain herself first. Sometimes, I get so worked up that I just storm out of the building without an explanation.

There was silence between the both of us as we exchanged looks.

""So, who's this girl who tried to jump off the bridge?" Jerome asks casually, It sounded like he didn't even care about Lindsay trying to kill herself. He just wanted to know who she was.

"Her name's Lindsay. Apparently, she goes to my school. I've been to busy hanging out with Lauren and her group of friends, that I never really noticed her. I don't even have friends from the same gender as me!" I blurt out as I make hand gestures. Jerome must've found this amusing because seconds later he erupted with laughter.

"Biggums, you don't even have real friends. You're such a loser," He joked. I gave him a death glare. I change the subject. I wasn't going to allow him to make fun of me anymore.

Jerome and I have been best friends since the fourth grade when we pranked our teacher. Since then, we've done everything together. We played soccer together, slept over each other's houses, and even went on vacations with each other. We spent every minute of our lives together. That is, until high school, where we were separated until we were Juniors. I found out he lived right on the other side of the Golden Gate bridge, which set me in a full-on rage. I thought he had moved back to New Jersey, but he was right there all along. He didn't go to the same school as me anymore, but that was okay. A little after, I met Lauren.

"Look, the main reason I came here was to tell you how I met Lindsay."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, leave before my date gets here." Jerome says, with a yawn.

"Wait, you have a date and didn't tell me?!"

"I wanted to, but I didn't have a chance. You kept on rambling and rambling it was starting to get annoying. Now get out!"

And before I even had a chance to grab my pride and dignity, he threw me out.

"Oh and here are your car keys," Jerome says while chucking my keys and closing the door.

Even though we were best friends since elementary, I could never understand how girls would get him. I mean, If I was a girl, I would definitely date him but, he wasn't that charming. I shrugged it off, unlocked my car, and hopped in.

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