[Author's Note: A lot is going to happen in this chapter! Prepare your bodies!!]


"Ashley," I start out, an evil grin forming on my face. "I need to talk to you about something."

Ashley turns around halfway to face me and rolls her eyes, angrily muttering something under her breath. Some attitude she's got there. Even if she is my best friend and my closest peer, she sometimes intimidated me with her bad mood.

With all the other students rambling about college, I knew she couldn't hear me. "What?" She shouted.

I examine the area. There were were many students in the area either grabbing a soda from the vending machine or at their lockers. These students look innocent, but really they're just eavesdropping to take part in the action. One of my many pet-peeves of this school. "Come with me." I mumble just loud enough for her to hear it. I drag her down a couple of hallways to a nearby storage closet.

"We're going to miss class, what are you doing?" Ashley angrily whispered. Since when did she even care about class? The last time I checked, she was skipping classes weekly to screw a guy.

The door wasn't heavy enough to block out all of the sounds I knew we were about to make. "I told you, I want to tell you something. Important."

"Alright, fine, but make it quick. I wanna get the new kid before any other slut in the school finds him and takes him to God knows where."

I roll my eyes. Sometimes, I just want her to write down her list of priorities so she could show it to me. This girl is just too much.

"Lindsay. Mitch. Together?! Are you kidding me? He should be with me, not her, but me!" Whining didn't help one bit, and the look on Ashley's face told me that she wanted to kill me.

"You dragged me in here just to whine about Lindsay and Mitch together? If I were you, I would leave them alone. Mitch has his limits. If you annoy or anger him, he will explode, trust me. I've seen him in soccer practice, he's dangerous."

"I know that. But, I'm not going to do this alone, and that's why you're going to help me."

"I like where this is going. Keep on going." Interest sparked in her eyes. One minute she's angry at me and another she's happy I actually exist. Ashley has got to be the most confusing girl I have ever met.

"I went to spy on Mitch yesterday, but he found me." Acting classes really paid off yesterday, haha. "I just played it off and I even told him that I broke up with Colton."

"Did you really break up with him?"

I gave her a glare. "Do you really think I would tell Mitch the truth?"

She gave me one of those looks that told me that she wasn't catching on to what I was saying. "Wait, does that mean you actually broke off with him or were you just lying?"

"I was lying, stupid!" I sigh. How stupid could she be? And I was the blonde one.

"Oh. . ."

"Today, I want you to spy on them right after school. Remember to act casual."

"Oh, alright. Seems easy enough."

I was about to state something until the school bell echoed through the room. "Alright, there's our cue to go to Language. Let's go."


After Social Studies, I headed to my locker to grab my lunch money. Since lunch was outside, everyone was starting to go there already, emptying out the hallways.

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