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jimin couldn't help but stare at the boy across from him. the bright hair he has was one of the reasons why he felt the need to avert his eyes from the interesting book to watch the mint-haired boy who wore black framed glasses, reading silently.

in fact, jimin wondered why such a boy was in an old fashioned library with nothing but wooden shelves and circular brown tables and chairs.

jimin couldn't concentrate while reading the assigned book. he couldn't study. he couldn't look for other books. he found the boy too interesting. his focus was caught on the mint-haired boy and it was distracting.

it's not only his hair, jimin finds his facial expression infatuating and the way he was so engrossed in his book made jimin want to know every single fact about the boy.

by the time jimin had came back from the bathroom, he found that it was already afternoon and the library was closing. jimin nodded at the librarian before leaving the library and nestled in his coat and scarf.

when walking down the stairs to the sidewalk, jimin felt a hard impact hit the back of his head. he turned around to see the boy with an expressionless face, walking towards him. jimin was shocked that he didn't know what to do but stand there.

the boy picked up his book and sneered at jimin. "you should keep your eyes on your assignment rather than me," he suddenly voiced before leaving jimin speechless.

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