Chapter 2 - The South Side.

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God, talk about slow fucking drivers. It’s not even Sunday.”

“Yes Louis, I am well aware of the absolute cunts on the road.” I snapped at him, hitting the steering wheel with impatience. If every driver was ready to move when the traffic lights turned green it would be a bloody miracle. How hard was it to take the hand brake off, release the clutch and accelerate? Well apparently it was very hard and I was very close to losing my tether.

“What’s got your knickers in a twist?” He tried to joke, I failed to see the funny side and growled back in annoyance. “Paul given you another shit job to do or something?”

“No, just drop it.” I barked. “Move you twat. Green means fucking go!” I was one more bad driver away from ramming down the middle of the street and creating havoc. I didn’t want to be in this side of town any longer than I had to be; this was taking the piss now though.

“You’re not still thinking about that girl are you?” Louis asked in a slightly more neutral voice. He stared out the window ahead as if he already concluded my answer before I spoke.


“No Harry,” He cut me off sharply. “Forget her. She was just staring, it happens all the time. She was probably checking you out or something.”

“It wasn’t just staring though and she definitely wasn’t checking me out. I felt like she was looking beyond me, right through me or something. It was creepy.”

“Exactly, she’s weird. Stay away and you’ll be fine. Don’t try and go all Sherlock Holmes and attempt to figure out who she is or what she was doing. She ain’t worth your time.”

I nodded at his words, he was right; he always right. Louis Tomlinson; best friend of seven years, exceedingly smart and lethal – if you had any sense you wouldn’t go within ten miles of him. 

“Now let’s get out of this side of town. It’s like driving through hell. Why the heck did Paul want a cake of all things from the East? What’s wrong with all the bakeries in our division?” Louis rattled on, tapping his finger impatiently and annoyingly along the side of the car.

“Fuck knows but if the East siders know we’re on their turf things could become bloody and I’m not in the mood to take pity on anyone.”

“They think they’re all high and mighty, thinking they run the city since they control all the drug ports in town. They may have the highest hit rate, but they’re absolute –“

“One day they’ll get their comeuppance. And the sooner the better.” I spoke up in venomous voice.

Out of the four divisions in London, the East was the worst. Sykes, the leader of the East side of London was the living Satan. He does not care who you are, if he wants you dead, you’re screwed to put it nicely. The citizens of the East are under his control without even knowing – pour souls. 

The rest of the drive back to the South was in complete silence other than the roaring engine. The brakes let out a low whine as the car halted in front of the main house. I flicked the engine off, shoved the keys inside my pocket and joined Louis as he walked up to the front door. We pushed the door open and walked straight through into the kitchen. He dropped the cake down onto the counter with a loud blow and leant on the box. 

“Any trouble?” Paul asked, appearing from the garden into the kitchen, which was slowly becoming crowded by other South side members. Louis smirked at his question, turning to look at me waiting for my answer.

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