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My name is Skye Reed. My mom told me that i have a very beautiful blue eyes like the skies. So she named me Skye. I'm seventeen years old.

Wanna know my family? I have a very beautiful mother. Lauren Reed. Yeah she used her last name for me. Why? Why not my father's last name? I don't know. I don't even know my father. Tragic? Yap. Where's my father? I don't know. Who's my father? I don't know.

Well i don't know everything about him. And my mom always hide it from me. I'm seventeen years old and i don't know my father. Oh how i hate my life.

Why don't you ask your mother about him, Skye? Guys, I do it for a thousand times and the answer is always the same ; "baby you don't have to know him. please. you'll be fine without him."

And when she answered it, i'm like; "fuck you mom. i'm not fine! i'm growing up and i need to know him right now!"

Although my mom is suck when she's answering my question about my father, i still love her. No matter what, she's my mom. And she's lovely, and she loves me.

All i need right now is, can you help me to find my dad?

how's the preface? i need to know your opinion rn.

because im excited to write this ffs.

ps: you can imagine that skye reed looks like arzaylea in blonde hair and blue eyes ....

no i mean ; imagine skye reed looks like sarah snyder
Pss; i change my username



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