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Lucy Forman had been getting the number 42 bus every weekday for the past 2 years. The tall girl with silky long black hair and pale skin had also got the same bus, at the same time as Lucy for the past 2 years.

Lucy Forman did most definitely not have a crush on said girl with beautiful deep brown eyes and a nose that was always buried in a different book every time she got on the bus. Absolutely not.

Lucy Forman was too focused on her studies to be crushing on anyone. Certainly not the girl on the bus. The girl she could barely tear her eyes away from whenever she saw her. The girl who made her heart skip and her stomach flutter at the mere thought of her. Absolutely not.

Lucy knew nothing about her. She was too shy to ever pluck up the courage to speak to her. She wished she was. She wished she could smile prettily and ask if she could sit next to her, ask what she was reading, ask if it was any good. She wished she had the confidence.

Lucy Forman did not have the confidence.

But Grace Sato did.

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