Flashback--Chapter 1

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(Y/N) - your name

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(F/C) - favorite color


                                                                  **(Y/N) POV**

I walked through the school and to my locker. Today was the day that Gwen would me moving and switching schools. (She does not die) I was slightly happy, mostly sad. She was a great friend of mine and I would miss her, but I am happy because my other friend Peter, my crush, likes her.


I was standing by my locker with Peter right by me. I was texting on my phone till I glanced up to see him starring in another direction. I followed his gaze to Gwen. She was standing with a group of friends chatting. Peter sighs. "I wish she would just notice me." He Says sadly.

"Maybe she is just being nice to a friend who likes you." I mumble to myself so he couldn't hear.

"Hm? What did you say?" He said with a questioning look. I sigh.

"Nothing." I reply. He shrugged his shoulders and walked to class.

                                                                (Flashback Over)-

I sigh and walk over to Peter. "Hey Peter." I greeted him. "Hi (y/n)," he responded gloomily. I furrow my eyebrows. "What's wrong Peter." I ask, with clear worry in my voice. He just sighs. "It's Gwen isn't it." I ask him. He sighs again but slowly nods. I huff. "It's ok Peter. You will get to visit her." I reassure him. He nods. "Hey (y/n), Aunt May wanted to invite you over for dinner." He said with a smile. I smiled back. "Sure. Tell her I would love to come." He nods. I look behind him and see the school Queen, Vanessa. (if your name is vanessa, her name is Bri) She always likes to pick on me because I'm shy, don't make many friends and don't stand up for myself. I make it too easy for her. "oh, if it isn't the little cry baby, hiding behind her 'Friends' or should I say 'friend." she says as she approaches me and makes quote marks when she say friend. Because of my shyness I was too scared to tell her to stop or to even talk to her. "bye loser." she said as she pushes me into the lockers. I fall to the ground. I slowly get up with a little bit of Peter's help. "Thanks." I mumble. He nods his head in return. The bell rings and I go to class.

(Sorry it's short. Other chapters will be much longer)

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