Chapter 4

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Nathan dominated me in such a way that I felt so much pleasure. It scared me. I've never had sex, never had someone eat me out, never gave head, never did anything like that and here I am, had Nathan eat me out and had my first organism. Nathan someone who I had a strong connection with because every time he touched me, It sent me over the edge and I didn't know why we were so drawn to each other, in only a few days. I haven't even experienced driving the boat on my lake yet. I had just moved in. My grandma is in the hospital and I couldn't even think about that, because Nathan made me forgot about it. After he ate me out, I was laying on his bed in my tee shirt and my skirt which I pulled down were on and Nathan had got up to lay down with me. Pulled me into his chest and put his muscly arm around me. Why was this gorgeous man into me? I call him man because he isn't a boy, he's way more mature than boys.

Nathan nuzzled his face in my neck and hummed a song which I didn't know. I felt comforting laying in his arms but this couldn't be real, I can't let it be real. How do I feel about him? How could I not fall head over heels in love with this man? Nathan is dominant where he can be in control and mess with me, but on the other hand, he can be so loving and affectionate. Nathan began kissing my neck, and I moaned like this man was my drug. He made me feels things I couldn't explain, things I never felt before. Nathan made me want him. I wanted him all to myself but then again did he or was he just going to screw me and then leave? I really didn't want to get hurt, I did what any normal girl who didn't want to get hurt do get up and leave. I got up and headed for the door.

" Where are you going?" Nathan asked

" I- I got to get home." I said

" Okay.. C'mon I'll drive you back to school to pick up your car."

" No I can walk." I stated

" It's 10 miles. Ill think I'll drive you." Nathan chuckled

We got in his car and drove back to school. It was an awkward silence. Nathan would speak and I'd just say hmm or yeah. I didn't realize how badly I was hurting him. Sadness was written all over his face and I couldn't let myself feel bad. I don't want to get hurt either. Arriving at school, I said bye and quickly got out. Nathan got out also.

" I'll see you tomorrow." Nathan smiled

" See you tomorrow." I whispered

" Drive home safe."


I opened my door and shut it behind me. Nathan walked to his car and drove away. I felt horrible, what was wrong with me? I thought he'd hurt me and he hasn't. I got home late, and my parents didn't seem to care, too busy with everything. My grandma, dads work, getting ready for the baby. I was glad then I didn't have to talk about it. I quickly walked upstairs and laid on my bed. Nathan was all I could think about. Touching and kissing me. Myself moaning like crazy at his simplest touch. I can't believe I wanted him right now. My cellphone rang, it was a text message. I looked at it, the number I didn't recognize until I opened my phone. It was Nathan. How did he get my number? The text message wrote. " Hey beautiful, have a good sleep."

Why did he have to make this so hard? He was really trying to make me fall for him when he didn't even like me. The next morning I got ready for school. I wore a floral dress with my converses. I got to school on time. The classes went by fast. I didn't talk to Nathan even though he tried. When lunchtime came around, I walked in accidentally bumping into a girl who's name was Sabrina, I apologized immediately.

" Oh sorry" I said

" Next time watch where you're going loser."

" What?"

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