Playing The Player (2)

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~picture above is Valentine Hills~


I never got why it took principals so long to call you into their office when you're in trouble. Like do they think that we are going to spend the time thinking about our actions? I scoff, I'm definitely thinking about my actions.... And how much I would love to repeat them.

"Miss Hills?"

I look up to see Mr. Gates staring at me like I've just grown 2 heads.

"If I say you have the wrong person can I leave?"

He recovers from his momentary shock, "I'm afraid not, step into my office."

No, I'm good. The confused look returns as stay where I am, he's not use to the new me. I wouldn't give a shit but he always was nice to me so... I guess I'll take pity on his kind soul and obey.

Sighing, I stand and walk past him and into his office, he still stands there a bit shocked. I plop my body into a seat and place my feet on his desk. I look back at him with a 'are you going to stay there all day?' look. His legs seem to finally make the leg to brain connection and move. Finally. He takes a seat in his oversized desk chair and clears his throat with a pointed look at my feet. I have to refrain from cocking my brow and saying something along the lines of 'I'm sorry, did you want something?' It really gets on my nerves when someone wants something from you but thinks your fluent in body language. It reminds me of this girl who would just stare at you when you had something she wanted but wouldn't ask for it. Like what the hell, if you want something say it, otherwise stop looking at me.

I can feel my bitch-o-meter on the verge of breaking and have to tell myself to chill the fuck down. I take a deep breath and refocus my attention on Mr. Gates, who I guess has been talking to himself the past minute or so.


At my interruption he stops mid sentence and sighs, "I'd like it if you'd pay attention while I'm talking to you, Valentine."

And I'd like it if you'd hurry up and get to the damn point, so tough luck.

"I'll try my best."

He runs his hand over his shiny bald scalp and pushes his black rimmed glasses up his nose.

"Now, I was saying that though the school and I are delighted that your back; you being the valedictorian and all, it is not a good sign when you end up in the principals office on the very first day back here."

I scoff but he continues, "Now I understand that things have not been easy since yo-"

"That is not your place to speak," I snap. He has no right to bring up my mother. I have to calm myself down again.

Mr. Gate nods sadly, pity dancing in his eyes. I don't need your damn pity! I clench my fists and take another calming breath.

"Yes, of course, I apologize." I nod, "Now since this is your first offense, I will only be giving you one detention for today after school. If you continue to act out I will have to contact your father, understood?"

At the mention of my father I tense, my whole body going ridged.

"That won't be necessary, I completely understand," I grind out.

"Well, um, I suppose you can go back to class now."

About damn time, I stand up and walk towards the open door.

"Oh, valentine?"

I look back at him with an exasperated look, "Yes Mr. Gates?"

"What exactly did you do to end up in here? The slip just said 'disturbing the class.'"

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