Playing The Player (5)

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~ Grin/Samuel above ~

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I stare at the wicked evilness in front of me. You have done this to me, Jax Cole, you have made me sink to this delicious level. The smell of sweet chocolate invades my nose and caresses my senses. Screw being healthy, one teeny-tiny bite couldn't possibly hurt. I go to scarf down the piece of chocolate cake I had cut for myself when there's a knock on the front door. I growl in frustration, who could be bothering me at 3 in the fucking afternoon on a Saturday? My father was at the office and wouldn't be getting home until late, surprise surprise.

I stomp towards the front door, ready to give the person on the other side a piece of my mind. Nobody interrupts my angry-cake-eating sessions, nobody.

Swinging open the door I'm greeted with a grinning boy, "Well howdy neighbor!"

The fuck?

He's wearing a dark sweater, with dark jeans and a bow tie. Did I mention he's hot? Oh yeah, definitely a 10 on my hunk-o-meter. And he wears glasses! How freaking adorable! But back to the here and now.


He's still grinning and I eye him looking for signs that would identify him as psychotic.

"Well, technical neighbor. You see my best friend moved next door and I practically live with the guy."

A scowl now occupies my face. Funny, just hearing that he's associated with Mr. Manwhore Jaxton makes me want to slam the door in his face.

"My name is Samuel Haze, but people call me Grin," he says, grinning. Ah, I can see why.

Suddenly the grin falls off his face as he lifts his chin, sniffing the air like a hunting hound. Suddenly his eyes lock on something behind me and he pushes past me into MY house.

"Hey! Get the hell- oh no! Don't you dare!!"

I slam the door and rush towards Grin who holds the plate containing the last piece of MY chocolate cake. He looks between me and the piece of cake, I narrow my eyes. His tongue snakes out to lick the frosting as I lunge, I snatch the plate out of his hand with a glare and he...whimpers?

"Mine," I growl and I admit, I might have bared my teeth at him.

He pouts, "You're not a very good neighbor, I'm a growing boy, I need to eat."

"Then feel free to go home and eat. If you even THINK about touching my chocolate cake, I will make sure you never have working fingers again."

He puts his hands up in surrender but eyes my cake as I set it on the table again.

"Why are you here?"

His eyes snap to mine and that grin makes a reappearance, "Well I came to meet my future fuck buddy but found my dream girl instead."

Fuckboy alert! Where is the fuckboy repellent when you need it?

"Smooth. Now get out."

He continues to grin, "Geeze, if you wanted to be my fuck buddy you could have just asked. No need to get angry and kick me out, I'm sure you could be both."

Oh. My. God. I burst out laughing, like tears-are-falling laughter. And I can't seem to stop, I think I'm turning purple from lack of oxygen.

Finally, after several minutes of wheezing from uncontrollable laughter, I regain my composure. Grin stares at me with a amused expression.

"Wow, for a while there I thought you were going smurf on me."

Ah and the scowl returns, "Did you just call me a smurf?"

He chuckles, "No, just pointing out that lack of oxygen turns your face blue."

If this chocolate cake wasn't so magically delicious, I would shove it in his face.

"Hey! That could be your nickname! Blue!"

Hell. No.

If it was possible my scowl deepened.

I point at the door, "Out. Now."



He pouts and I turn to go grab a fork for my cake.

I hear shuffling coming from behind me, "You better not still be here when I turn back around," I growl. I want to eat my cake already, darn it.

I hear the front door open as I turn around, Grin is already halfway out the door.

"Bye, blue!"

I practically snarl and he quickly retreats, shutting the door as he goes.

Finally! Cake time.

I look at the counter where my cake was and then my eyes snap to the door. I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or hunt him down. Because Grin, cute, adorable, chokeable Grin....

Well, the little shit stole my chocolate cake.


I make sure to be upstairs and in my room before my father gets home. I just never know when he's had a bad day and I don't want to take a chance. But seriously, who would?

I dress in a comfy long T-shirt and some Minnie mouse shorts. After climbing into bed I tuck my blanket under my chin and fall into a deep sleep.

Around about 3 in the freaking morning....

What. The. Hell?

I'm awakened from my slumber by the sound of loud music. At first I thought it was coming from the idiot's room next door, but soon realize it's coming from MY room. More specifically, my closet. I drag myself out of bed and head towards the closet, the moon light spreads around the room. As soon as I reach the closet the music stops.

Huh? I begin to back away from the closet, there's some paranormal type shit going on here. As I reach my bed again the music turns back on, causing me to jump and to nearly piss my pants. I rush to the closet door and yank it open, only to have the music stop before I could locate where its coming from. I back out and shut the door again and press my ear to it, waiting for any kind of sound. Of course nothing happens. I back away, staring intensely at the door. When I'm sure nothing is going to happen, I pull back the covers and dive into bed.

I close my eyes and lull myself into a state of almost-sleep. The mysterious music blares again and I mentally curse it's horrible timing.

It's going to be a long freaking night.

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