{ 16 }I Accidentally and Unintentionally Fell in Love .....With a Vampire 16

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The door opened and someone came in. O... MY... GOD. It can't be...I don't believe it... I screamed. "I can't believe you're here. How did you know?" I couldn't hold it in so I screamed again. I was supposed to walk down the isle in a few minutes.


I ran over and hugged Sam. She was in a light purple dress. Her hair was fixed into a French braid "I can't believe you're here!" she laughed and said "wouldn't miss it for the world. Chris called me and bought the plane tickets, my dress, and he set everything up. I can't believe you're getting married and you didn't tell me! Are you sure he's the one though. You're too young, don't you think?"

I sighed "Sam, I want this, I want to spend the rest of my life with Chris. I love him and he loves me too. I'm ready." Se smiled and said "well he is very handsome and most importantly, he's a gentleman. He acts old for his age, he's so mature." I laughed and mumbled "you have no idea." I hugged her again and said "I haven't seen you in months! Will you be my made-of-honor Sam?" "wup-wup I'm da made a hooooner. I'm da made a hoooooner!" she sang. I laughed and said "you can be so childish sometimes but I love you for it!" she laughed and said "ya better!"

Dun dun da da, dun dun da da... The music started and Sam nudged me over to the door. I was smiling so brightly that I could have lit the whole state.

I opened the door and started walking out; well it was more of a stumble. Once our eyes met we couldn't look away. It was like our eyes were locked, inseparable. I couldn't take my eyes off of Chris even if I wanted to.

He was beaming with joy, love, adoration, happiness, hope, and he seemed to be overwhelmed with thousands of emotions, I was to. I started walking to fast and almost tripped but Sam grabbed my arm. I blushed and Sam was trying really hard not to laugh.

She helped me the rest of the way down the isle then placed my hand in his.

Well this obviously wasn't conventional but defiantly preferable. I never want to see my dad again. I pushed the thought out of my head and proceeded with the ceremony.


Instead of a party afterwards we went to a fancy restaurant. I, of course, sat next to Chris, across from Sam. Every chance Chris got he kissed me on the top of my head, forehead, cheek, lips, and hand. At first we held hands but then he rapped his arm around my waist so I put my hand on his thigh.

Even Chris ate some food, I was amazed by that. We were almost finished eating when I started to rub my thumb in a circular pattern on his thigh. He dropped his fork and his hands were shaking. He looked like he was trying to control his reaction but I still heard his low moan. It was inaudible to human ears but that didn't stop Sam from knowing what was going on.

She giggled and said "shees, get a room you two." Both Chris and I looked away from each other then we blushed. That didn't sound like a bad, I thought. I mean we were married so it was ok. Is it so bad that I wanted to sleep with my husband?

Husband, I don't think I'll ever get use to that. It was all so surreal.

Chris bent over and whispered in my ear "Later". I suddenly felt hot and where his cool breath hit my skin, it felt electrified. My whole body trembled and shook with longing. I needed him.

The next thirty minutes were unbearable. It took five more minutes to eat, five to pay and leave, ten to say good bye to Sam, and another ten to get to our hotel. By the time we got into our room I practically threw Chris on the bed, jumped on him, and then started kissing him.

We tore each others clothes of then he rolled over on top of me and looked me it the eyes, asking if it was alright. I moaned his name "Chris, I'm ready." He bent down and kissed me.

It was the perfect night. At first it hurt but it soon became really, really, REALLY good. I will never forget this night, ever. It was my first night, our first night

-that morning

I awoke in Chris's arms and looked up at him. He was still sleeping, he looked so peaceful. I rubbed up and down his chest, his arms, across his stomach, and played with his hair.

He finally woke up. I looked mad and said "you were purposely distracting me before. You made me wait until we were married. " he looked at me sheepishly and said "guilty." He looked it too. I smiled and said "well I'm glad, thank you." He smiled happily and said "well I'm glad Ms. Jade Amore. I love you." "I love you too."

We spent the next day at the hotel then went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. We stayed there for one month than bought a house in Montana, lots of wild life and woods for us. ; )

Check my next book "my best friends hot. O and did I mention we're having an arranged marriage!!!" I might also do a sequel but I'm not sure.

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