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Chapter 1 

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Adriana (ah-dree-ana)

I sighed in relief as I saw an empty parking space in front of the Journalism and Communication building - where I would be for the next two hours until class time. Today is the first day of classes, so me and my other two co-hosts agreed to meet here extra early to plan for our show today. We wanted to do something special, welcome the new class of freshman who've arrived, and also decide on a topic of discussion. 

After parking and turning my car off, I got out and grabbed my belongings from the back seat, and my cup of coffee to keep me up. Since I've been in school, I've drifted from being the person who never liked getting up in the mornings, but I still experience those dreadful mornings. 

I walked down the long pathway towards the building, replying to Aaliyah's text message about where to meet up for lunch, and headphones in my ear. Surprisingly, I wasn't listening to anything. After sending my message, I went back to the new book I've been reading. Sometimes, to keep people from bothering me from my love of books, I put my headphones in so it'll look like I'm listening to music. It helps. 

Suddenly I felt a sturdy grip on my left arm, making me stop and look up. 

"Good morning, beautiful." I studied the guy who still had his hand on me, along with the group of guys he was standing with. It wasn't random for people to be out on campus this early. But him touching me was becoming a problem. 

"Hello." I said confused. "May I ask why you're touching me?" 

"Just to get your attention." He grinned. "Say, baby. You mind giving me your number and a great time for us to meet up and have a date?" Is this what he called flirting, I thought to myself. He had to be out his mind. 

"I have a boyfriend." I lied, saying the first thing that came to mind. 

"Oh really?" He asked, his friends sitting behind him laughing to themselves. "I must say, he's one lucky--" 

"Hey, babe." I turned around as an unknown presence stood beside me, wrapping his arm around my neck to pull me close to him. I looked up, seeing a stranger. Here were these random guys both touching me, and here I was speechless. And not by the one who approached me.  I raised an eyebrow, and he winked. "Just roll wit' it." He whispered in my ear. Finally, it clicked. He was rescuing me

"Um..." I dragged on. "Hey b-baby." I stuttered. 

"Where you off to?" He asked. 

"I, um..." I bit my lip, never having to lie on the spot like this. "I was just going into the--" 

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