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"All it takes from you is a single drop of water to send ripples throughout me, and yet you've hit me with a tidal wave."

"You've pulled me under into your depths, and now I am drowning in you and I don't even seem to mind."

"Your eyes are made of hurricanes and every second I spend away from you is like an eternity in a storm. How is it that the eye of my hurricane can only be found standing next to a girl made of wind and turmoil?"

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Celeste Lune has been feeling as though her life has become a torrential hurricane, and it seems as if every decision she makes simply ripples around her and adds to the strength of the storm.

Her best friend is running around completely bare in the woods, her only other girl friend is torn between love and loyalty, the guy that she sees as an older brother bit her and then ran away to make minions out of high schoolers, there is a giant lizard man running around, and she herself has suddenly become akin to some odd changes.

In fact, her only solace comes in the form of a spastic, ADHD boy prone to sarcastic comments and destroying everything along his clumsy path.

Celeste's life has become a living paradox and only she and her friends know the truth.

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