Year One: Chapter Five

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A/N: Not the best chapter, since I kept getting distracted and ended up forgetting what I wanted to do for this chapter XD Also, I do plan going through all the years, expect in one giant book, so now these 'parts' names will have what year and chapter number instead of just the chapter number.

Serena looked around the Slytherin common room, for now, this was her home, where she would go to at the end of the day. Where she would sleep, where she would spend free time, yet at the same time, this is where she will learn.

She gripped her locket tightly in her hand, she lowered her gaze and sighed. She didn't realize that something that she had always dreamt of would end up making her feel sad, to miss her mother so much.

Now she can't help but doubt things about her father, wondering how he truly was and what she didn't know about him. Which she know thought would be quite a lot, she didn't used to think this way.

But now that she thought of it, she probably should've expected it, should've known that she didn't really know him. After all she didn't see him for most of the year, he was always gone because of his job.

And there was a lot of years where he couldn't come back for her birthday, it was hard most of the time, but Serena knew there was nothing she could do about it and that he tried his best.

Maybe that was why she was why she wanted to go to Hogwarts so badly, why she felt she had to beg her father to let her go. Because she couldn't stand another year being alone...

“Zoning out already, Snape?” Draco said, bringing Serena out of her train of thoughts “If you are like this just standing in the common room, imagine how you will be in class. “ he added with a snicker.

Serena bit her lip and shrugged “I was just thinking...” She muttered, shifting her gaze away from Draco “Its weird to think that my father stood here once... ” She added, shaking her head slightly.

Draco smirked, he found Serena unusual, but at the same time he found her interesting “Can you believe it? Potter of all people, here at Hogwarts” He complained loudly with a frown.

Though Serena didn't know much about Harry Potter, she just shrugged “What did you expect?” questioned Serena, all she knew about him was from the whispers from the people in the great hall.

Which was about the same thing, they called him ' the boy who lived' Serena had no idea what that meant, but she figured since how many people were talking about it that he had to be well known or famous perhaps.

Draco shrugged in irritation “I don't know.” He answered, clearly unhappy that Harry was there. But then his frown turned into a nasty look smile “But can't say I am surprised that he ended up in Gryffindor.” He stated.

Serena looked at Draco curiously, he had expected what house he would've of ended up in? Did they know each other? “What do you mean by that?” She asked, making Draco roll his eyes.

“Well, Gryffindor is obviously for those who have nothing. Weasley has no money and Potter has no parents” Explained Draco, as if it was plainly obvious and funny at the same time.

Those words made Serena's stomach sink and she had to force herself not to frown “Ohh... I guess that makes sense” She muttered, though she didn't like that he thought of it that way.

She felt bad, for Harry more so, you can always earn money but you can never get your parents back she saw it as. She only knew slightly how he felt, but she couldn't imagine having lost both her parents.

Draco raised his brow and stared at Serena and crossed his arms “You don't know anything about this world, do you?” He accused “Only the muggle things, you seem pretty clueless.” He added.

A blush grew on Serena's cheeks and lower her gaze to her feet “Father worked a lot, and my nanny never told me so I never got to learn about anything.” answered Serena, feeling slightly embarrassed admitting it.

Suddenly an Idea formed in Draco's head, if she was naïve as she seemed, then Draco was sure he could pull it off “You're in luck, Snape. I can teach you everything you need to know” Draco informed.

Serena relaxed a bit and slowly looked up “Really? You'd do that?” She asked, her eyes will filled with hope. She didn't like not knowing things that everyone around here seemed to know, so she was glad that he offered.

A slightly mischievous smirk formed on Draco's face “ Of course.” said Draco “We especially can't have you turning into a blood traitor now can we?” he added, his smirk still present.

Though she had no idea what that meant, she said nothing and just nodded. Serena then walked over to one of the arm chairs, being tired of standing, and she had a feeling that it was going to take awhile to explain.

Serena watched as Draco copied her and sat down across from her, with a smug look on his face. Is this something a friend would do? She wondered, she had no a clue what would be considered an act of friendship.

But it confused her as to why Draco seemed to willing to help her, when they barely even knew each other. It wasn't that she wasn't grateful, because she knew she really needed the help.

This was a whole new world for her, one that she knew very little about. She had no idea about friends, about what goes on in the world of magic, what she was to believe or what she was to think.

Serena listened to Draco as he started explained, some of the things confused her slightly, but she did not once interrupt him. Only speaking up when she assumed that she needed too, which was not often.

The explanation took longer than Serena had expected, so eventually, she fell asleep curled up on the armchair. Draco rolled his eyes, not getting how easily she was able to go to sleep.

He figured that if he had to be at Hogwarts, why not have a little fun in the process? It wasn't until tonight that he thought to help change Serena into a more fitting Slytherin student.

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