Year One: Chapter six

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Soon enough, it was time for Serena's classes to start, making her both nervous and excited. The one class she was most curious about was potions, the very class her father taught.

Serena hesitantly stepped into the potions room, she arrived early, she needed to do something before class “Father.” She began, clutching her potions book tighter as she walked further into the room.

Severus looked at Serena in surprise, she wasn't supposed to be there for at least five he asked, not wanting to look up.

What color Severus had in his face drained, it wasn't that often where Serena would ask about her mother. And with the Potter boy being here, it had more of an effect on him than it normally would “No, now is not the time.” he replied, harsher than he meant to.

Serena bit her lip, part of her was used to that response, but the other part was sad that he wouldn't tell her. She looked up, finally meeting her Father's eyes “But, why not?” she questioned, with a slightly confused look on her face.

Because I am afraid of what you will think or what will happen to you if you knew the whole story he thought to himself with a scowl “Because now is not the time, now drop it.” He answered..

Anger surge through Serena, a feeling that was unfamiliar with Serena, especially directed towards her father “But why! She is my mother don't you think I deserve to know!?” she asked, louder than she had expected.

Severus was taken back by her outburst, he never had her react that way when she questioned him “Serena, not now” He said firmly, hoping that she would listen this time and drop it.

Her grip tightened on her book, she didn't know why she felt so angry, and why was it when she asked now that she felt that way “But, Father.” She began, trying her best to keep her voice calm.

Just then, Severus caught sight of other students coming into the classroom “Take a seat., we will talk about this later.” He snapped, making some of the other students look at him with curiosity.

more minutes “You are early.” He stated, though he didn't express his wonder on why she was there early.

“I know.” replied Serena, dropping her gaze down to her feet “I was just wondering...” She began, rubbing her thumb across her potions book nervously “If you would tell me about mum...” Serena fell silent, all the anger she had seemingly vanished and was replaced by guilt once she realized she had angered her father. She give him a stiff nod and retreated to an empty table, not bothering to look at the other students.

Not much longer later, Draco sauntered up to the table Serena was at and sat down next to her with a smirk “What was that about?” He questioned, his tone was amused. He had heard the last bit of the conversation, so he was curious to as to what was going on.

“Nothing.” Lied Serena, she saw no point in telling Draco about it, she knew that he wouldn't understand. Because he after all had both his parents, he wouldn't get why she was asking about it.

Draco raised his brows, not believing that it was nothing, but he shook it off. He began to wonder when he can fully put his plan into action and when she would seek him out for his all mighty advice.

The class had gone differently than how Serena suspected, in the end she doubted how her father really acted even more. He took took points from Harry Potter, for no reason whatsoever, for things he couldn't control.

Serena frowned thinking about it, something told her he would've done worse if she wasn't there. There were a few time where he would look like he would say something, but then look at her and an almost guilty look would cross his face and he would be silent.

It bothered Serena that he that he treated Harry that way, even though she knew nothing about him, only that he was known as 'The Boy Who Lived' and his tale, other than that he was a complete stranger.

She didn't get why she cared that her father acted that way other than she never seen him act that way before, but it was just with Harry, he didn't lash out on any of the other students.

There was a part of Serena that wanted to get to know Harry, to figure out why she felt like she has seen him before Hogwarts, to find out why whenever she sees him she feels a sense of familiarity.

But whenever she considers it, there a voice inside her head telling her not to, taunting her and saying she is crazy for thinking that she has seen him before. That if she had seen him before, that she would remember where she seen him.

I have to at least talk to him thought Serena, but she had no idea what she would say to him. How do you say to someone you think you've seen them before when you probably never even talked to them? She wondered

She also didn't know if she should do it so her father, as well as Draco, didn't know she went to talk to him or not. Draco had expressed his distaste for Harry, so she was sure he would not be pleased if she went to go talk to him.

Her father also seemed to dislike Harry, from the way he treated him in class. Serena didn't get why they felt that way towards him, far as she knew Harry did nothing to them that would cause them to hate him.

Serena bit down slightly on her cheek“ I have to go do something, I guess I will see you in our next class” she told Draco, who looked slightly confused but said nothing and just shrugged.

As she began to walk away, she started to wonder, what would Harry think about her telling him what she needed to? Would he think she is crazy? Or would he, by some chance, tell her he feels the same thing?

Though those thoughts danced around in her head, Serena held her head high, faking a sense of confidence. And did what Draco had said to do, act like nobody else is important, though Serena wasn't too sure how to do that.

After a few minutes of searching, Serena finally stumbled upon Harry, along with his friend Ron Weasley. She straightened herself as she approached them, in hopes to keep up her facade “What do you want?” asked Ron in a harsh voice.

“Now, now, no need to be so rude.” replied Serena with a frown “ I only came to speak to Harry here for a minute, so if would spare a moment, I won't be long.” she added, still frowning at them.

Much to Serena's confusion, Ron looked irritated that she wanted to talk “ Why would we want to talk to you?” he questioned “You could be as nasty as your father, or worse if possible.” he stated.

This made Serena's confidence vanish and her facade break, she swallowed back the unusual pain she got from that comment and tried to force a smile. But she was sure that they could see right through it “ It's just one thing, then I will be on my way” she promised.

Harry looked over at Ron for a moment, almost as if he was debating his next words “Go on then.” he said at last, finally looking back at Serena, he was curious what she had to ask.

Serena shifted uneasily “Do you know if we've met before Hogwarts?” She asked getting a weird look from Ron “ I know it sounds crazy, but your eyes just look so familiar, but I can't remember a time where I would've seen them.” She added.

Though he wasn't sure what to expect, that wasn't what Harry expected her to ask “I don't think so.” he said “I'm sure I would've remembered if someone like-” He began, cutting himself off so he wouldn't say as horrible as Snape lived by “If someone who could do magic as well lived by me” He corrected himself.

For a moment, Serena stared at him, curious as to what he was originally going to say “Oh, well. It must be just me then, thank you.” she replied, trying to seem polite In hopes that Ron wouldn't be as rude to her.

Both Ron and Harry watched as she retreated into the crowd to go off to her next class, they didn't really get what just happened “That was odd” Ron stated, which made Harry nod in agreement.

But he hadn't realized it until she said it, there was something familiar about her, could they have possibly met before? But it was so long ago so neither of them even remembered it?

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