Year One: Chapter four

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Serena bounced off the train, making her hair fall in her face. She felt like she was about to burst with excitement and she was sure that people were looking at her weirdly because of her excitement, but she couldn't believe she was actually at Hogwarts.

Her eyes flicked around the area, taking in the scene that she only ever saw in her dreams and thought and she would only ever see in her dreams. Suddenly, her eyes stopped on a person that was going to where the first years were gathering.

As Serena walked to where she had to, her curious eyes kept on the person. For the brief second that the person looked over, something seemed familiar about him, but Serena couldn't place her finger on what was familiar.

She broke her gaze, whatever was familiar about him, whenever she had seen it before. It brought a sense of finding something that had been lost years ago, as if though it was forgotten, but never truly forgotten.

Serena wondered when she will be seeing Hogwarts for the first time, so far all she could see was darkness along the narrow path she was being lead down. With how dark it was she couldn't even see if there was trees.

Soon as they rounded a corner, her hands flew to her mouth to cover a gasp, there it was. It its beautiful glory, the place where her father taught, the place both her parents went to when they were her age, Hogwarts...

The path had ended into a vast black lake, that had a small reflection of the moon and the starry sky. It was much more beautiful that Serena had ever expected, it was very much a breathtaking sight “No more’n four to a boat!” a man named Hagrid called, pointing towards boats that lined the shore.

Serena skipped towards a boat with a huge grin on her face, when carefully step into the boat, wobbling in the process. Her gaze fell down to the water after she got into the boat, she bit her lip uncertainly.

She wasn't sure how deep the water was and she was afraid to find out, she didn't know how to swim, she was never taught. So falling out of the boat into the water wasn't something that she wanted to do.

Not much longer later, Serena found herself standing in front of Hogwarts, waiting for some sort of Sorting Ceremony, where she would find out what house she would be in. It dimmed her excitement and replaced it with nerves.

Every so often, her eyes would flicker to the boy with the bright green eyes, still curious as to who he was. She was starting to believe that it was his eyes that seemed so familiar about him, nothing else stood out.

Suddenly, Serena jumped, nearly falling backwards. Tons of ghosts streamed out of the wall, some of them were even talking, something Serena didn't know was even possible for ghosts to do.

She watched in half fright, half amazement as one of the ghosts stopped to acknowledge them. But when it asked if they were about to be sorted, Serena couldn't speak so she just nodded.

Soon enough, Professor McGonagall and sent the ghosts on their way “Now form a line and follow me.” she instructed, Serena obeyed nervously, and went to stand near the back of the line.

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