Lindsey' Pov


I slowly explained to Emile and Masae about my uncle.

<<Flash back>>

I sat on the floor of the living room, playing Mario Party 2, getting very angry.

"Stupid game." I mumbled to myself. since I was only 8 years old I didn't have a wide Vocabulary.

"What did you say?!" I heard my... lovely... Uncle Ray yell as he staggered into the room. He was always drunk and often miss heard me when I would say something.

"N-nothing S-sir." I whimpered quietly as I turn off the tv and game system quickly, trying to leave the room before he got angry.

"Get. Your ass. Back here." He bellowed as he sat on the couch. I whimpered as I walked over to him, afraid at what he would do this time.

"Y-yes sir?" I stuttered out.

"Lap. Sit on my lap." He slurred out and my whimpering got louder as I sat. I shouldn't of wore a dress today. I wanted to feel nice at school today. I should have changed after school.
<<Time skip.>>
I slipped under the covers, feeling so Violated. I shivered and put my arms over my head, trying to get out of this damn nightmare I was living in! T-that's what this was! A nightmare. I would wake up with my momma and Papa sitting by my bed, comforting me, calming me down. I opened my eyes and I was still under the covers, my dress was still torn, my tights ruined.

I miss my papa... I miss my momma... Why did they have to be killed...

<<Time skip. She's about... 11>>

I quickly ran to my room, avoiding my uncle and his drunk friends as they wolf whistled at me. I had just came back from A track meet and we wear Spandex shorts and Tank tops as our uniforms. We were the mighty Hawks. Well... Mighty is an understatement... I didn't think we were mighty, we had a pretty good football team and Soccer team, both state champions but The Track team and Cross country team could be a lot better. We usually only made it to conference. But I was one of the few to make it to state this week! I was so happy. My uncle... Wasn't... I had a big bruise on my arm and Stomach after I told him. He said Liars are failures. That I was lying.

There was a loud knock at my door and I felt my eyes widen as it got louder. I quickly hopped the window and ran to the forest behind the house, trying to find a hiding spot as I heard Uncle and his friends running after me. I felt my shorts and Tank top get stuck on bushes and thorns as they started to rip apart. My black sports bra was able to be seen from the holes of my uniform. I kept running. Till I was caught. After that night someone had heard me screaming and called the police.

<<End of Flashback.>>

"I was put into the orphanage and my uncle was put in jail for 10 years... I guess 10 years wasn't enough because he got off early... He was in jail for only 4 fucking years! And he's back! Emile please don't let him come here! Don't leave me alone! I don't want to feel the pain again!" I cried to him as he hugged me closer to him, Masae was grabbing her phone and calling the police asking for a restraining order.

"I'll protect you my little girl. I promise. He won't touch as long as I stand." He whispered softly to me as I kept crying.

God this story has only a few more chapters! I can't believe it! There might be a sequel. I'm thinking about it and I'm thinking about doing it with Lillian's point of view and Possibly Cole's point of view.

I'll catch you guys later!

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