01. nice girls

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she was messily scrawling her notes into her notebook as her math instructor continued to go off in her rambles about how students don't pay enough attention in class. she was in the middle of spelling associative when you tapped her forearm with the tip of your pencil.

"hey," she whispered with a smile. her eyes trying to tear away from your face, but she couldn't help it.

you were the type of guy a girl could not stop looking at even if they tried. there was something so magnetic about you, and she still couldn't pin-point what it was.

"can i see your notes after class?" you asked.

this was a daily routine.

"sure," she nodded without hesitance and smiled even wider.

you grinned and then raised your hand.

the math instructor rolled her eyes at you and immediately nodded her head, "go ahead."

you escaped from the tightening grasp of the classroom and closed the door silently behind you. she watched the door hide the light from hidden opportunities.

what if she went out to the bathroom the same you did? would you talk to her? would they run into each other? would you invite her onto your secret mission during math class or would you leave her to just use the bathroom like any ordinary girl?

she shook her head at the thought and continued to take notes.

besides, you were depending on her to help you ace this class.

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yay!! first chapter of nice girls! i don't know if i'm going to keep the ending sad or happy, it really depends on the journey. anyways, thanks for the early support and love! i love you guys <3 i also added 2 jack johnson songs to the playlist because there's some nice and chill stuff in here too, so i didn't want the whole playlist to be all alternative and depressing.

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