Tre Melvin Finds Love

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At the mall

*I bump into Tre*

Me-Oops Excuse me

Tre-Nah shawty excuse me im Tre melvin

Me-I know who you are I love you so much Im Sydney

Tre-Good to know call me sometime

*we exchange numbers*

*at home*


*calls her sister Nadia*

Nadia-Hey sis

Me-Guess who wants to hook up with me


Me-No Tre Melvin

Nadia-You lyin

Me-Nope i will call him later so we can set up a date you jealous

Nadia-Duhhhh call me with the update

Me-I will bye


*hangs up and calls Tre*

Tre-aye baby i was waitin on your call

Me-well here it is

Tre-wanna go out this Friday


Tre-You an angel and to be honest i wanna see more than just your halo

Me-you are so sweet

Tre-you are too shawty well i got to go make a video love you bye

Me-love you too bye

*hangs up*

Me-i need to go shopping for a new outfit for Friday


*at forever 21*

Me-I love this dress

My Friend Samantha-supacute

Me-can i buy these shoes and this dress

Cashier-that'll be $101.00

Me-here you go

Samantha-no i will pay for that

Me-thanks Sammy

Samantha-girl its a date with every girl's dream guy i should help you win him


Samantha-thats what friends are for

*thursday passes*



Tre-(Ready bae)

Me(yeah my address is 3040 Tulip Lane Apt. D5)

Tre-(Aiight Babe)

*Tre Arrives*

Tre-Damn baby you look sexy tonight

Me-You dont look to bad yourself

*at a fly restaurant in town*

Tre-What you wanna eat baby choose whatever you like

Me-I will have the ribs,chicken,collard greens,dinner rolls,red velvet cake,and a sprite

Tre-wow you can eat but i like that in a woman i will have the same


Tre-tell me about yourself

Me-My name is Sydney Im 20 years old and I love watchin you,music,and being me

Tre-Well im tre im 20 years old i will be 21 october 28 and im pretty sure you know the rest and in case you didnt know my real name is Edward Lee Melvin III

Me-I knew

Waiter-here is your food

Me-thank you


*finish eating and tre pays and we leave*

*on the way home*

Tre-I want you to know I really like you and I would love for us to be together

Me-I would too

*we pull up in my driveway*

*tre leans in and kisses me*

*we kiss for about 5 minutes*

Tre-Let's take this inside

Me-why not

*he carries me inside*

*an awesome night with Tre*

*next morning*

Tre-Morning bae I made breakfast

Me-It looks good too

Tre-anything for my queen

Me-I love my king

Tre-do u believe in love at first sight

Me-of course

Tre-good because I'm in love

Me-I am too

*we kiss*

After 3 months

To Be Continued..................

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