Forever Here (Naruto Fan Fiction)

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I sat on bench in the middle of the convention center.  a few vocaloid cosplayers began to pass me  and the only one they were missing was Haku. "Hey! We are gonna preform vocaloid songs on stage and Can't find a Yowane Haku that looks decent and knows all her songs."Said a Hatsune Miku cosplayer. "Do you know Melt, magnet,fukkireta and daughter of white?"Asked A Kaito cosplayer

"Uhhhh yeah..... I know almost all of Miku's songs as well..."I said as they grabbed my hand and pulled me into the group with them. "So you will be singing magenet with Luka and Fukkireta with Neru. Luka starts on magenet and Neru starts on Fukkireta okay?"Said the Kaito cosplayer. "You know Kaito and Meiko would be a better version for magnet."I said

"Yes but the Meiko cosplayer we have dose not know the words."Said Kaito nodded as I was pushed behind stage. "C'mon Haku!"Said Neru who was holding a yellow cellphone. "Here!"Shouted Miku throwing a Sake bottle at me. "The contents are water so it's okay to drink."Rin said as I was shoved onto the stage followed by Neru.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~after the concert thingy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was dark and I had to leave and go home lucky me my house was literally right next to the convention center. I left the building and walked towards my house. "I'm home!"I said as I opened the door and walked up the stairs towards my room. I opened the door and locked it as I shut it. I walked over to my bed and got out my laptop. "Okay time to watch Naruto...."I said as I went to my favorite anime watching website animeseason. I started from where I left off episode 7 and by the time I looked out the door it was 3 o'clock in the morning.

"Yuri and Naoki can't do anything if I stay awake they are just TEMPORARY fosters so..... it's not like it matters."I said to my self as I continued to watch Naruto but began to hear what I feared most. "YUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"was yelled by Naoki which the only time he ever called my name was when he was drunk. "YUKI!!!!!!!!!"He yelled again as I braced my self and ran down the steps out of my room.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?!!?!?!!?!"He shouted in my ear. "I....I went to the convention center...."I said getting slapped across my face by him. "Naoki! Beating the poor girl is not necessary..."Yuri said but it was no use when he got drunk he went on a rampage. I already had many scars all over my body because of him and what was another......

Naoki came out of the kitchen with a pot that had smoke coming from the top. I backed away but the wall stopped me from getting very far. "Naoki, please stop... your going to hurt her!"Yuri said pleading. But he took my arms and held them out as he poured hot oil onto them. I looked away closing my eyes as tightly as I could. I never cried at how badly I was treated but Naoki had never done anything like this before.

He began to pour the remaining oil on my legs and hands, and picked me up from the collar of my shirt and said "YOU GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!" that he did not need to tell me to do since I got away from his grip before he could cause me anymore harm. I ran into the middle of the park that was about 3 blocks away from my house. I didn't stop running until I reached the fountain in the center.

I soaked my arms in the water  and then I sat inside of the fountain as the water soothed my legs. I got out of the water and looked at my arms..... forever scarred...... there were burn marks, cuts and bruises all over my arms and legs but no one ever cared enough to ask me how I got them. I  began to walk to the other side of the park and came across a piece of paper that read: Good for one wish.

I read what it said under the title and it read" make a wish and hold this paper to your heart and do so. But when you wake in the morning your wish will come true but is never reversable."

I did as the paper said and held it to my heart "I wish I could live in the world of Naruto so that I can escape this torture... Live my life as a ninja.... and never have to deal with Naoki and Yuri again."I said and took the paper away from my heart. and walked towards a bench and hope that I could fall asleep and my wish come true.

I laid on the bench and thought about how my life would change if my wish came true but everyone knows things like that never really happen. I began to fall asleep and dreamt of my life before Naoki and Yuri how fun it was I was 10 and I had a 5 year old younger brother...... My life was great until My mother,father and brother never returned from the store. They had died in an awful car wreck my little brother survived for only 3 days after the accident and He died in my arms.

I held him while he laid in the hospital bed. I held him as he drifted into a forever slumber.....

and I hoped that same thing would happen to me ever since that day.........


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Wakes up!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up the morning hearing a familiar voice above me. It was loud ..... I waited for my vision to clear up to see Uzumaki Naruto standing right above me. I sat up and saw Sasuke and Sakura around me as well. "Hey are you okay?"Asked Naruto I nodded even though I still had pain in my arms and legs. I stood up and was barely as tall as Sakura. I looked around and saw that I was in Konoha.

I looked down at my arms and legs and they were still scared....." I guess they really are forever scared...."I said to my self as I ran towards the hokage's building, and saw Iruka talking to the old man. I gently knocked on the door and Iruka walked over to it. "Um....."I said softly  "Who are you?"Asked Iruka. "I...I'm Yuki from the Nakayama clan....."I said  "Hokage-sama I'm bringing in a child."Iruka said as he pushed me into the room then left.

"Young lady what is your name?"The hokage asked "Yuki... from the Nakayama clan....."I said "Oh the Nakayama clan they are a clan who rarely see's children with the potential to become shinobi's....."He said. "Class in the academy is starting right now you should go Yuki."The Hokage said.  I nodded and left his office and walked the way I remembered those in the anime would go to get to the school.

I saw Sasuke and girls hanging all around him and I saw Kiba with Shino. I walked over towards him and kept my arms close to my chest, and followed after him since I didn't really know my way around the inside of the academy. I walked inside the classroom a few minutes after everyone was seated and walked in I had a pair of shorts on and a short sleeve top. I had dark pink hair which flowed to the floor and dark cherry brown eyes to match.

The one thing I did not like about my outfit was that it showed all my scars from Naoki and those scars have built up over 2 and ahalf years. All the kids in the academy looked at me in hush. Sasuke's expression was the most shocked. Iruka looked at me with sympathy and walked over to me and whisperedinto my ear.  "Did your parents do that to you?" I shook my head no and said "My FOSTER ones did.....Naoki and Yuri....... and they told me to leave the house and never come back........"I said

Iruka gently patted my shoulder and told me to sit next to Sasuke. I walked up the steps and sat next to him. This was the first time I had ever seen him with such an sympathetic expression in his eyes. "Class our new student is sitting next to Sasuke and her name is Yuki Nakayama."Iruka said "Now treat her as you would any other student.... and also today we will be having class outside to practice throwing kunai's."He said as everyone stepped up and walked down the steps.

I began to follow after Sakura when a hand grabbed my shoulder. I turned around to see that it was Sasuke. "What happened to you?"He asked me but I merely backed away from him. I had a fear of most men the only man I never was scared of and that was my real father.... but he is gone now.

I ran to where Sakura was and followed after her. Iruka began to pass out kunai's and appoint people to the targets. I picked up a kunai and began to bring it higher to where I could throw it but the pain in my arms prevented me. I suppressed the pain and threw the kunai it hitting the center every time. Iruka looked at me with amazement. "How on earth can that child do that...."I heard him say.

Even Sasuke looked at me with amazement. The girls in the class began to shoot me awful glares the entire class which made me even more uneasy then I was from the start. "Class is dismissed!"Iruka said "Yuki! Come here please."He asked me as I did what he had asked and walked towards him. "Yuki do you have anywhere to stay?"He asked me and I shook my head no.

"Would you like to stay with Uchiha Sasuke?"He asked me as I rapidly shook my head no with a look of horror on my face. "Please sensei..... Don't make me stay with any boy.... I'd rather sleep on the ground then do so...."I said as he let out a sigh and said. "There is one one else that you would be able to stay with and there are no apartments available at the time." He said and I nodded. "I can... stay with ...Sasuke-kun then...."I said frowning and walking out of the academy.

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