Hello people of the planet earth! 
Tis I, Yuki~! Hold your applause ;) Now, I must say.. I'm quite impressed with myself, attracting so many fans like a moth to light. The thing is people, a fair warning to you all. I honestly almost never try when I write, it takes sooo much effort.. note my laziness. I'm a lazy ass okay :p and I admit it to the whole internet community.

Well that's enough of that! Now, time for the good stuff ;)
I am a Lord of the Rings freak xD I can quote those movies and books by heart and act out the scenes without any flaws, I have seen the hobbit twice already. Yes, I'm a sad pathetic little nerdy otaku no need to tell me.

I suppose I am intelligent, apart from my grammar of course. I'm a lazy ass, at least I know the your's unlike a large portion of people on the internet.

I have an unhealthy obsession with anime, and manga, as well as the Asian culture.
I also have a deep love for Travis Willingham, and Vic Mignogna <3 I wanna marry those men *_* mmmmhmm they are some dazzling creatures. (As Sunako from The wallflower would say.. oh the coincidence... Vic voices a character in that anime :p)

The following are some of my top shippings, and shows/manga/books
Shippings first~
SoMa (Soul Maka)
Zelink (Zelda link)
Royai <3 all the way (Roy Riza)
SasuHina Ohh yes, I went there
KibaHina <3 all the way bitchess ;D
SasoDei yepp ;D
KatnissGale Hell ya! (Sorry, but I despise Peeta with a burning fiery passion!)

Now, as you can see~~ I'm picky when it comes to cannon pairings :p. Anyywhoo now for my second list!
Doctor who
Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood
Ouran High School Host Club
Vampire Knight
Skip Beat
Kaichou wa Maid-sama
Lord of the Rings <3
Hunger games
Inheritance cycle
Soul Eater
Kaze no stigma
Ao no Exorcist
The Wallflower
Death Note (I lurve L sooo much <3 *_*)
Fruits Basket
Inuyasha.... So on, and so forth!

Well that's that!!!! ;3
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