My Birthday Special

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Thanks to those who greeted me on my birthday!

Kyaaaaah! ♥ HELLOOOOOOOO :*

       I don't even know where to start and how to thank all the people that has made my birthday really special. I wanna start thanking my parents and siblings for the birthday countdown. They even waited for 12 midnight just to greet me. I appreciate the effort that you put just to have a meal altogether, ILOVEYOU :* to my Relatives who gave me a LOT for my birthday! THANKYOU SO MUCH :* and TVE students/Former classmates for the greetings & the SURPRISE! You guys made me really happy on my birthday! despite the fact that we are living in different country :> you guys are the best, sweetest, shungaest (joke xD), and the most AMAZING FRIENDS ever. ;* I hope we will see each other again! xoxo.

      I THANK YOU to my relatives, classmates, schoolmates, and friends I have met along the way, to my twitter friends, facebook friends, Wattpaders, tumblr followers and specially to my family! I was even preparing myself to make the day a very normal day but all the text messages, calls, tweets, and facebook messages forced me to see this day as a very special and memorable one.

      With much sincerity and happiness! I wanna say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH everyone especially GOD.:* ILOVEYOUALL.




*God, thankyou* mwahugs :)*

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