Shin-ah x reader: I-I l-love you.

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"Go away!" A young girl with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes yelled at the crazy men. She start running away like there's no tomorrow. Not even stopping. Then she saw the guy. The guy everyone fears. She heard that his eyes can turn someone into stone. But (f/n) never believed that. Saying it's just a stupid rumor. The 'cursed' guy was with some people. A girl with red hair and some others. The crazy men was still after (f/n). (F/n) looked behind her with fear in her eyes. And then bumped into someone. She bumped into the girl.

"I-I'm sorry!" (F/n) apologized.

"It's alright. Are you okay?" The girl asked her.

(F/n) nodded. The 'cursed' guy was looking at her. Quietly. (F/n) turned around and saw the crazy men with his smirk that sends shivers down her spines. The men had a more disgusting smirk plastered on his face when he saw the other girl. But was beat down by a black haired guy and a white haired guy with a dragon claw.The 'cursed' guy said nothing. And just looked at (f/n). Ao on other hand ran to her.

"P-Kyuuuu~" It said.

"Hey, do I know you?" The red haired girl said.

(F/n) look at the girl closely. Red hair, purple eyes. And that smile. One. Two. Three-

"Yona?!" (F/n) almost yelled.

"Yup." The princess said.
Present time.
It's been almost five months since she joined the group. And meanwhile during that time. She had developed a little(huge) crush on Shin-ah. And little did she know that Shin-ah was also crushing on her. (F/n) always helped him. Comforted him when he has a nightmare , took care of him when he's sick. Protected him when people were trying to grab his mask. Shin-ah couldn't be more grateful. But both of them were a bit too shy when it comes to confessing. (F/n) was talking with Yoon, who she saw as an younger brother.(she's the same age as Yona.). Shin-ah was a bit jealous. And Jeaha saw that through him.

"Are you jealous?" He teased.

Shin-ah blushed a bit behind his mask and hides his face.

"You are! That's strange. I've never though that a guy like you would be a jealous type." Jeaha said.

Shin-ah just stood there, hiding his face.

"Why don't you go tell her you Shin-ah?"

Shin-ah shook his head in embarrassment.

"Yoon can steal her away y-"

Shin-ah quickly stood up and silently walked to (f/n). He tapped her on her shoulder, making the (h/c) girl look up.

"Can... We talk..." Shin-ah asked.

(F/n) blushed a little and nodded. The two of them walked to a river. It was really silent, and an awkward one. (F/n)'s heart was beating fast. The same goes for Shin-ah. He scratched his head, which (f/n) never saw him doing that.

"(F/n)... I-I l-love you." He confessed.

(F/n) was stunned for a while, then jumped on Shin-ah. Startling the poor guy. (F/n) moved his mask out of the way and kissed him on the lips. Shin-ah's eyes widened in shock. But slowly kissed her back.

"I love you too Shin-ah." (F/n) said with a smile

They heard cheering from the bushes. The new couple blushed. (F/n) hides her face behind her hands while Shin-ah looked in the other way , avoiding meeting anyone's eyes. Yona was fangirling. "Kyaa! You two are soo cute together!" She squealed. Ao nodded. Wow that squirrel. Well the couple live a happy life for no one.

Extended ending

"Hak stop it!" Yona yelled.

"Hmm... No." Hak replied.

"Geez when ar-" And Jeaha got cut off by an punch.

"Is there something?" Yona asked.

"Oh the princess is trying to act stupid. What an idiot." Hak teased.

"Why you-" Yona began

Well this is a really happy life for the new couples indeed.

A/n: This is my first Oneshot about Akatsuki no Yona. Probably the first oneshot I made and I would like to hear what you guys find about this. Also you can request me to do which character next. Doesn't care if it's a male or female. If I had time, then I would  write the oneshots. Well that's all. Bye!(^_-)≡★

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