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Uhhh stupid alarm clock!!!! *yawns* Good morning world. Today is the first day of 4th year high school but I'm too tired to move. I heard loud footsteps outside

'' Yah! Kim Taeyeon, You'll wake up or not?" my eomma shouted.

'' Mom, just give me 5 minutes.'' I said. "If you won't get up then I'll pour cold water on your face.'' She shouted.

"Okay . fine fine fine .'' I said then I get up from my bed and head towards my closet.

''What should I wear???'' I asked myself while looking in the mirror. I picked a black jeans, T-shirt with stripes , a White sweater, and black sandals.

I hang my clothes on a hanger and take a shower. After showering, I changed my clothes and then brush my teeth. I put a little foundation on my face and tied my hair in a messy bun.

I went downstairs and head towards the kitchen.

"Good morning eomma.'' I greeted my mother.

"Good morning Taenggu'' She said. hahaha taenggu?''Taenggu, your friend Tiffany is there in the living room,'' She said

'' What? Fany is here?'' I asked.'' Yep'' she said ................'' but eat first'' she added.''Okay'' I said.

After eating, I went upstairs and get my bag then went back downstairs again and went to the living room. '' TaeTae!'' Tiffany shouted. ''Fany-ah! I missed you! By The way, Let's go or we will be late.'' I said.

"eomma good bye!'' i said . then we went outside and get inside her van. I sit at the front seat and Tiffany on the driver's seat.

"Unnie!'' I heard a familiar voice and I look at the back and saw Yoona.

"Yoong! Ommo! i missed you so much!'' I said.
""haha, we just had a video call yesterday.'' She said
"Oh! haha I forgot.'' I said.

'' Yah! what music should we listen to?'' Tiffany asked.'' Into The New World???'' I asked. ''k'' she said. '' Let's sing along.'' Yoona added

T(taeyeon) : Jeonhae jugo shipeo seulpeun shigani da huepteojin hueya duelijiman
F(fany) : Nuneul gamgo neukkyeo bwa umjigineun maeumNeoreul hyanghan nae nunbicheul

Y(yoona) : Teukbyeolhan gijeogeul gidariji maNunapeseon uriye geochin gireun
T: Al su eomneun miraewa byeok bakkuji ana Pogihal su eopseo F: Byeonchi aneul sarangeuro jikyeojwo Sangcheo ibeun nae maeumkkaji Y:Shiseon sogeseo mareun piryo eopseo Meomchwojyeo beorin I shigan

[All] Saranghae neol I neukkim idaero
Geuryeo watdeon haemae ime kkeut
I sesang sogeseo banbokdweneun
Seulpeum ijen annyeong
Sumaneun al su eomneun gil soge
Hwimihan bicheul nan jjochaga
Eonjekkajirado hamkke haneun geoya
Dashi mannan naye segye

(After singing,Taeyeon's phone rung)

''shhhh...someone's calling'' I said.


''Hello?'' I said . ''Taeyeonnie! This is Sooyoung!'' Sooyoung shouted.

''Sooyoungie? OH, where are you now? are you with someone?'' I asked

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