My Bully... <3 Princeton ~ Mindless Behavior Love story~

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Aurthors note: this story is about a girl very pretty named marriannah get's bullied by princeton and Ray Ray but one day Princeton realizes he beat hurt her very badly and decides to stop and falls in love with her along the way read to find out more ........... i will not be posting the story till tomorrow ok thanks bye-----


another day anotherwound on my body..... there was these boys 4 of them...... Princeton....Roc Royal...Ray Ray..... and finally my brother Prodigy. They all would be mean to me, hit me, gerk me across a room if they wanted to they knew i wasn't going to do anything about but ....... one day i just got fed up and went off ---- ban daid---

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* At School Marriannah is walking to her 1st period class When Princeton grabbed her arm and went to punch her*

Marriannah: WTH are you doing Prince .... you weren't about to punch me were you

Prodigy: He better not be last time he did mom and dad thought it was me that gave her the black eye.

Prince: But you do hit her so wtf !

Prodigy: Yes but not hard enough to give her a black understood ?

Prince: We can still hit her tho right

Prodigy: yeah i do just don't be givin' her no black eye kay

Prince: ight

Marriannah: so are you gonna hit me or ....

next thing you kno w prince was on top of Marriannah slapping her in the face punching her in the stumach ..... Marriannah was shouting " HELP"

Prince: i'll stop when you say your sorry

Marriannah: say sorry for what , what did i do ?

Prince: * slaps Marriannah* for telling your parent you brother gave you the black eye

Marriannah: * gets punched in the rib cage* oh..... ok im sorry just plea]se s]top Princeton I am Really Hurting stop

Prince: Sorry for what ??? * hits] her in the chest area *

Marriannah: im sorry for telling my parent]s my brother gave me the black eye .... please Princeton stop I'm Begging you

Roc: * walks in * You got her begging Prince keep going Prince

Prince: ahh she's had enough for now Roc imma leave her alone peace

* prince leave the room ,,,, Marriannah was laying on the ground holding her stumach and ribs.... Roc was s]taring at her like he was gonna do something next thing you know.... and just as he walked to go and hit Marriannah.....*

Marriannah: don't even think about hitting me Roc im tired of all yall ..... you guys are fu##ing beatin' on me every fu##ing day and im tired of it and if you guys dont * gets cut off by Roc slapping her across the face*

Roc: ifwe dont what ..... if we dont stop your gonna do what ..... you ain't gonna do anything bi##h

* Roc keeps slapping Marriannah in the face and punches her in the stumach Untill Prodigy walks] in and sees his sister on the ground bleeding very badlly....*

Prod: Roc ! stop she is bleeding My parent]s gonna think it was me that did this bro ]stop !!!!

Roc: she deserves it she said that we need to ]stop or else

Prod: Ok i get that but look at her she gonna go home and my folks gonna see that and blame this sh## on me now stop for reeal

Roc: alright Bro chill

* roc stops hitting marriannah.... by now marriannah was bleeding out her mouth and had bruises all over her and was gasping for air ..... then blacks out *

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