Chapter 1

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As the bells ring for a morning announcement, the gods hurry and get ready for a new meeting. There have been rumors saying that gods and goddesses have been interacting with each other violently. Most of them are confused . As they all get to the meeting, Zodiac, their leader, starts it all up.

"Ahem! Silence! I hear that some of you have been scheming some evil things. Let me remind you that you are only protecting the months. Not the whole world." Zodiac says angrily.

"But Master! Libra is getting on my nerves and has started a fight with me!" Pisces complains.

"Oh shut up! You're not a teenager anymore Pisces, grow up!" Libra snaps back.

"Libra, he still has his youth!" Gemini scowls at him.

"Enough!" Zodiac slams the table.

"I'm sorry Zodiac-sama. They have not eaten their share of breakfast. I wanted to sleep in this morning but it looks like I shouldn't of. I apologize." Taurus gets up and bows.

"Way to go Taurus!" Capricorn claps.

"It is fine, Taurus. I thank you for taking responsibility for actions that weren't yours. You may have a seat." Zodiac chuckles.

"Yes, thank you." Taurus sits down.

"Now, our first order of business. Capricorn, do not interfere with the mission I have sent the others." Zodiac looks down on Capricorn and sighs.

"I wasn't! I just wanted-" Capricorn starts.

"But you were! Don't think I couldn't over hear you talking about it to your stuffed animals!" Virgo stifles a snort.

"No!" Capricorn looks down at her hands.

"Yeah, plus you're too young. Little girls like you shouldn't do such a mission." Sagittarius adds.

"Well, some people aren't cut out for it." Cancer shrugs and giggles a bit. 

"Oh shut up!! You guys don't know nothin!" Libra gets up and gives them the bird(middle finger).

"What? Capricorn is just too weak!" Virgo says.

"Give her a break Virgo. I know you wish to be as young and energetic as her. Let's face it, you're getting old." Gemini sighs in disappointment.

"So much for being loyal....." Aries smirks and turns his head away from Virgo.

"Everyone. You are going to make me mad so please shut up." Scorpio says. At that, they all shut up. Nobody would never want to see Scorpio get mad. He doesn't like them but he does like them. Same goes for Taurus. Libra has told the others that it is extremely scary when Taurus gets mad. But it's not crazy scary.

"Silence! Capricorn! You will not interfere! Okay, any other proposes?" Zodiac says.

"Yes, I would like to use Virgo's creation magic." Libra stands up with his right hand raised.

"What for?" Virgo says.

"I want to make myself a building. A better place instead of that cruddy old house I share with Taurus." Libra smiles.

"Libra-san, am I not good enough for you to live with? I'm very sorry Libra-san." Taurus also stands up and bows.

"Taurus, you can live in our old house. I want this new one all for myself." Libra says.

"You really think I'm going to lend you my power just so you can be greedy and leave Taurus all alone?" Virgo smarts off.

"Say that again bitch!" Libra slams the table with his fist.

"Libra.....please don't fight. It makes me sad to see you fight." Capricorn gets up and tugs onto Libra's arm.

"Aw, Capricorn! I'm sorry! Whatever happens I'll-" libra says.

"Oh my goodness! Can everyone just sit down?!" Zodiac booms. "Okay, Virgo lend Libra your magic! We are now out of session!"

Zodiac disappears and everyone gets up and leaves. Capricorn walks out together with Libra and Taurus.

"So what were you going to say?" Capricorn says.

"I was going to say that no matter what happens I'll be your happiness. So don't feel sad." Libra holds Capricorns hand.

"Thank you Libra." Capricorn holds onto Libra's arm and rests her head on it while walking.

"Capricorn, do you want to help me get Libra moved out while he is with Virgo?" Taurus asks.

"Of course! I'll help you with anything Taurus!" Capricorn grabs hold of Taurus's hand. Taurus blushes and looks away.

"Tsk!" Libra says. He noticed Taurus blushing and it made him upset.

On the other side, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Scorpio had their own conversation.

"So what exactly is the plan?" Scorpio says.

"Well first, we must rid of Libra. Then we will work towards completing Capricorns fate." Gemini clenches her fists and smiles.

"Aren't you two getting a bit old for this?" Scorpio yawns and stretches.

"Old? We have to live life to the max! No such thing of old!" Sagittarius crosses his arms.

"Hm I suppose." Scorpio says.

"Well, we need to rid of Libra because 1) we can tell he is up to no good 2) he is breaking the law 3) he will awaken Capricorns true power by force 4) he is going to spill some blood." Sagittarius explains to Scorpio.

Scorpio stops.

"How is he breaking the law, exactly?"

"Oh come on! No bullshit here! You can see the future can't you? You should know why he is going to break the law!" Gemini puts her hands on her hips.

"Fine." Scorpio adds.

Sagittarius and Gemini roll their eyes and sigh.

"Well then, whose blood is he going to spill?" Scorpio asks.

"Actually I expect you not to know this one because in order for you to do that, you and Gemini would have to combine powers. Which is forbidden." Sagittarius says.

"So we won't know until it happens. So are you with us? Or not?" Gemini says.

"Yes. I'm interested in this power you claim Capricorn has. I hope you successfully awaken it without force. So she doesn't go berserk." Scorpio says. He smiles and walks to his home.

Sagittarius and Gemini turn and look at each other, smile, and part ways.

The battle has begun.....

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