Stay with me while we sleep

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  "leave you? We're not leaving you." mikasa soothed. Eren nodded wrapping his arms around you. Hang I only giggled at the group cuteness. "Tch." Your heard a deep irritated voice behind the group of tree. Hang I smiled at the captain. "Hey Levi!!! What brings you here??" Hang I smiled placing her elbow on his shoulder playfully. Levi only glared and tched again. (AN: Is Tched even a word? XD)

"I've come to watch Y/N." Levi responded, sweeping Hangi's elbow off of his arm. Hangi only smiled and acted clueless. "Who knows, maybe I'll take her with us." Hangi teased, flicking Levi in the head. "Really?!" You smiled at her eye glistening. "Nah, Levi will watch you and make sure you won't get into mischief young one." Mikasa Smiled, wrapping her scarf around your beautiful pendent. (Fyi its a picture of a flower.)  


Mikasa, Hangi, and Eren left the room leaving you alone with Levi. "Your scary." You blurted out, walking away from him out the door. "Your annoying. Now where do you think your going?" He glared, picking you up gently. "To find Mikasa and Eren." 

Levi's p.o.v 

"Why?" I asked, setting Y/N down on the bed. "So they don't get hurt" y/n replied crossing her arms annoyed. I simply just flicked her in the head like Hangi always does to me. But all y/n returned with a glare full of hatred. "Now was that necessary Levi?!" She snarled slapping my arm away from her. I showed a shocked expression, but quickly when back to my normal expressionless face. "That's Captain Levi to you." I growled reaching my hand out to help her of the bed. "Let's go to my office." I suggested, picking Y/N up gently. She yawned and rested her head on my shoulders, as I picked her up. "Sleepy are we?" I smiled, opening the door to my clean office. "N-no.." She yawned again, trying to hold it back. "Yes we are." I argued back, placing her on my couch. "Take a nap, Y/N." I smiled, grabbing a blanket off my bed and throwing it on top of her.


"What brat?"

"Stay with me while we sleep."


This seemed pretty touching to me. ANYWHOOO here's your update everybody!! Sorry I've been so busy ;u; 


ALSO FYI this is the last child part in the book ;-; because I'm annoying like that. But next part you'll be a full on cadet. Bye Bye!

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