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  You were snuggled up beside Mikasa in a dark dungeon like room. This is where they kept all the refugees. Guards were protecting all the children, because the adults attempted to kill the Children just for food. Eren and you were wrapped in Mikasa's scarf. Mikasa and you were really sisters. Erens parents took you and Mikasa in when your parents were murdered. You were known as Y/N Ackerman. The guards handed every child a freshly baked Muffin. "For being good." They said to every kid. You munched yours down, smiling as the tasty flavors filled your mouth. "Did the guards bake these?" You asked him. "Yes." He replied. "Well I think their amazing!" You smiled. He smiled back, flattered. "Dont get in good with these guys... Their probably trying to make you trust them, then they will hurt you." Eren whispers. It sent you shivers. You nodded. 


THIS IS REALLY SHORT I KNOW but I got really sleepy guys! I can't spend all day writing, well I can but u don't want to.

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