First Attack part 3

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  You caught up to Mikasa and Eren, who finished scaring away some bullies. They were talking to Armim. Who waved to me and smiled. "I see you brought the little one, Eren." Armin smiled. Eren didn't notice I came. "Y/N!" Eren shouted. "Where did you come from???"

"Mom." You said bluntly. Eren frowned. Armin was still trying to get up from the bullies attack, but soon failed again falling back down against the wall. "Oh, here Armin let us help you." Mikasa Offered. He smiled his thanks and we started walking to the town park. "Eren!!!" Armin yelled waving his hand, holding in his other a book. "What's up Armin?" Eren asked turning his attention from Mikasa to Armin. "I found a book about the outside world!" Armin smiled opening it. "It's illegal to have this!" You said to Armin, you simply nodded. "I know... But I am just so interested!" Armin objected. You just glared and continued to look out into the distance. All was peaceful. Then a huge boom. You fell off the stone steps and hit your head hard. Which started bleeding. "Y/N!" Mikasa yelled, trying to help me up. Townsfolk started to run away from the walls. All 4 of us ran to see what had happened. We were surprised to find a 50 meter Titan! It swung it's leg back. And kicked opened the wall. Rocks flying in all sorts of directions. The rocks crushed people, splattered them, killed them. "Eren, Y/N, the house!" Mikasa screeched. Eren ran as fast as he could. Mikasa carrying you. "MOOOOOM!!!" Eren yelled. Mikasa put you down. "Mikasa, with all your strength!" Eren ordered, Mikasa nodded and tried to lift. "It's no use.. My legs are crushed." Mom said, tears forming in her eyes. Suddenly a solider zipped in. "Carla!" The man yelled. Mom said, "take the children!" Mom yelled, he only smirked. "I've been trained to kill Titans." This man smiled, running at the Titan. He then stopped dead in his tracks. Running back he scooped up Mikasa who was now holding you again. Eren banged the guys shoulder telling him to let go. "I can't do that stubborn kid!" He growled. Throwing Eren. "Eren!" Mikasa cried, wiggling free from the mans grasp. She handed you to the man. "We're getting you all on a ship." The man cried, picking up Eren and holding Mikasa's hand, Mikasa briefly looked back, and began to follow, streams forming. "I'm sorry."

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