Chapter 1.

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I gently tickle Nora's tiny stomach, her attitude getting playful with me. I pick her up bring her closer to my face. "Aren't you a cutie patutie." I coo rubbing her nose with mine.

I place her back to the floor. A soft voice coming out of her mouth. I smile, placing the food bowl near her.

"Maira!" Harry's voice takes my attention. I look at the point were I heard the voice, no one."Yeah!" I shout back, adding some cat food in Nora's bowl. There was no answer for a while. Gosh, I'm to lazy to go up there now. "I'm going to take a Bath." He finally shouts back, his voice echoing around. I frown at his answer, Why is he informing me that?

"Alright, loser!" I shout back, smiling at his cheeky self. I stood there, watching Nora eat her ggg. My eyes then land on the ring on my right hand finger, the ring that was given 4 years ago.

"By now, you must hug

knowledg that I don't like to take baths alone." Harry takes my attention, I look up at him, keeping a hand to my heart. He stood by the door frame in only his boxers. I let out a chuckle, getting up from my place. I walk towards Harry, a smirk on his face.

"Your getting late." I inform coming closer to him. I place a hand on his bare chest, looking up at the green orbs. A smile form acrross his face. I stand on my tip toes pressing a soft kiss on his dimple. I went back on my feet, truning around. My body was held back by a hand grasping my wrist. He pushes me towards him our nose almost brushing. He snakes his arms around my waist, pushing my body aganist his bare one.

"I love you, you know that." He whispers, his breath hitting my face. I snake my arms around his neck, smiling.

"I love you too." I whisper back, cupping his face. I press my lips on his. We share a small chaste kiss, until I pull away. "Babe, you have an interview, hurry up." I remind him, smiling. He frowns irritatedly.

"Go take a bath, I'll make some coffee." I inform, moving away from his body. He nods placing a kiss on my cheek. He turns around, jogging upstairs. I made my way to prepare coffee.

It has been 4 years since our relationship, Actually after 2 days it will be 5. I never in million years thought that I would ever have such long lasting relationship. My job at the radio ended 2 years ago, Harry is still in One direction. The boys used to go on long tours quite alot, sometime Girls and I would visit them for some days and then come back.

Hate, I do get that alot. Specially now a days, I don't know what have I done. People are calling me fat, ugly, bitch, whore, slut bla bla. Mostly Harry is always there for me, He doesn't lets me see my Twitter or facebook to avoid this, or sometimes he would sneak in my account and delete everything.

This time he was too busy and already frustrated with all the work so I ignored informing him about anything. The insecurities that i had have came back to me now. I'm on a diet. Trying to get slim and smart.

Harry's voice toke my attention, I held his cup and turned around. He was nicely ready, he sat on the table, talking on the phone. I place the cup near him, receiving a cheeky smile, and took my place infront of him. He hangs up, placing the phone down on the table. He bring the cup to his lips, sipping the hot liquid, his eye on my face. I cup my face with my hands, my elbow placed on the table as I looked at him.

"Where is your cup?" He cocks an eyebrow at me, taking another sip. "I'm on diet." I answer proudly, getting up from my seat. My hand was grasped by his strong one, keeping me in place. "Sit." He orders me, he seems somewhat pissed.

"But I-"


I do as said, slowly walking towards the chair again I sit on my previous place. He places his cup down on the table, looking straight at me. "Why are you dieting?" He cocks an eyebrow, places his arms on the table. I gulp lightly, thinking of a good reason. I have nothing. Harry looks mad, really mad.

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