#9: That Faithful Concert

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Authors Note:
-(E/C)= eye color
-(H/C)= hair color
-(H/L)= hair length
I hope you enjoy!

~~Brendon's POV~~
"Who's ready to kick some ass at tonight's concert?" I screamed

"I am!" Dallon and Spencer yelled at the same time

We all went on stage.

"HELLO LA!" I yelled into the mic

We started by playing "This is Gospel".

~~Your POV~~
I was so happy. I got to see Panic! At the Disco live! They started playing. The 4th song they played was one of my favorites "Collar Full". I couldn't keep my eyes off Brendon Urie, the lead singer. I've had a crush on him since I became a Panic! fan.

The concert had ended and sadly I couldn't even get near Brendon to ask for an autograph. He was surrounded by hundreds of other girls.

~~Brendon's POV~~
We had finished playing then went outside. Immediately hundreds of girls crowded around us, screaming for autographs and pictures. But one girl in the back of the crowd caught my eye. I tried to squeeze through all of the people as fast as I could. I finally got through the people and went up to the girl. She was so pretty. She had gorgeous (H/L), (H/C) hair.

"Um, hi." I said awkwardly

"Uh, um, h-hi." She stuttered she seemed extremely nervous

"Do you maybe want to, um, come backstage?" I said scratching the back of my head

"Uh, um, uh, sure." She blushed

~~Your POV~~
OMG! THE Brendon Urie just asked me to go backstage! He grabbed my hand and lead me to his dressing room.

"H-have a seat." He stuttered

I sat down and he sat next to me.

"You probably already know my name, but what's yours?" He asked

"My name is (Y/N)." I replied

"That's a pretty name." He smiled as I blushed

"Thanks. But why did you ask me to come backstage when you could've asked one of the other girls instead?" I wondered

"What other girls? You were the only one I noticed." He smirked I smiled

"Hey, Brend-, oh, never mind" Dallon said walking in then leaving

"Sorry about that." He apologized

~~Brendon's POV~~
We talked for a bit. I was so tempted to kiss her, but I didn't want her to think I just wanted to sleep with her.

"Would you like to come to my place for dinner?" She offered

"Sure, but only if you want me to." I replied

"I wouldn't have offered if I didn't want you to." She giggled

She lead me to her car and we both hopped in. She turned on the radio and she had a Panic! CD in.

"Oh! Sorry about that." She went to turn off the radio as my hand stopped her

"Don't be. I like this song." I chuckled, she laughed as well

~~Your POV~~
I can't believe he actually agreed to come to my house. Oh crap! What was I going to cook? We had arrived at my house and got out of the car, then we went inside.

"You can sit wherever." I told him

Brendon sat on the couch in the living room and I went to the kitchen. I heard Brendon singing. I tried to focus on cooking but the his voice was the only thing that I could focus on.

"Brendon, dinner is ready." I called to Brendon

Brendon walked into the dining room and sat down.

"Wow! This smells amazing!" He complimented

~~Brendon's POV~~
(Y/N) sat across from me. We ate our dinner then I helped her clean up. We went into the living room, sat on the couch, and turned on the TV. I moved closer to (Y/N). I put my arm around her, she looked up at me and I gazed into her beautiful (E/C) eyes. I softly pressed my lips against hers, and the kiss lasted for a few seconds. I smiled and she blushed. She hugged me tight, and I loved it. She fell asleep. I picked her up and carried her upstairs to her room. I gently laid her onto her bed. She was so cute when she was sleeping. I quietly walked out of the room.

"Brendon!" (Y/N) called for me

"Yes, (Y/N)?" I asked walking back into the room

"Please don't leave." She whined

"I won't." I told her

She got up and grabbed some clothes from her dresser and went to the bathroom to change. While she was in the bathroom I took off my jeans and climbed under the covers.

~~Your POV~~
I changed into a t-shirt and shorts and then walked back into my room. I climbed under the covers and immediately clinged to Brendon.

"I like you, Brendon." I whispered, smiling.

"I like you too, (Y/N)." He said back.

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