It's Okay To Be Afraid, But It Will Never Be The Same (Adopted by Union J)

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Your dreams come true, you’re going on holiday to that one place you’ve always wanted to go, when something awful happens. You hear about these things happening to you all the time but you always think ‘That will never happen to me’ well it did. I watched it with my very own eyes. It is horrible to watch your mother die in front of your own eyes. You feel helpless as you watch her fall to the ground in slow motion, trying to scream but no words coming out. You watch her lie on the ground, motionless; you drop to your knees trying to shake her, to get her to wake up. You hope she is just joking, that it is some sick prank, but she is not moving. You pull your phone out of your pocket and hurriedly call for an ambulance.

After rapidly shaking your mum, your best friend, for what seems like hours, the ambulance eventually arrives. You watch her being taken on to the stretcher and put into the ambulance, they quickly start to prod and poke at her, you can’t see exactly what they are doing as your eyes are blurred with tears.

One week later you’re sitting by a bed in a hospital ward, clutching on to your mums hand, you no longer to have any tears left to cry. She hasn’t moved once since she got here, her eyes kept firmly shut, all this green and white tubing going everywhere, your mum is so deathly pale that she is unrecognisable.

The doctor comes in and places an hand on your shoulder “It’s time” he whispers. He slowly walks over to the wall you stand up, placing a soft kiss on your mum’s forehead. Then the whole room goes silent, the constant beeping of machines has stopped. A tear slips down your cheek, your too exhausted to wipe it away; you just let it trickle down to your chin.

The doctor nods his head and the nurse slowly takes you out of the room. Your squeeze your mums cold hand for the last time as the white sheet is pulled over her lifeless body. You are taken back to your hotel that you have been ‘sleeping’ in for the last week. You never really got any sleep; you just tossed and turned, praying that your mum would pull through. Your prayers weren’t answered and you are taken to a dull lifeless orphanage.

You’ve been staring at the four blank walls of this small box room in the orphanage for the last month. You feel empty inside, like half of you is missing. You’re called downstairs once or twice a day to meet families or eat. You don’t eat much at all and you are now ridiculously skinny. You walk everywhere in a zombie like daze.

You’re sitting in the familiar box room after being downstairs for a while. You were called down to meet a couple wanted to adopt someone, but you just stayed glued to your iPod so you didn’t know who they were. Music was your sanctuary at the moment, it takes all your pain away, you can just get lost in the melody. The door opens and Jenny, the care worker, walks in. Behind her are two men, both of whom you know. It’s Jaymi Hensley and his husband, Olly Marmon. They want to adopt you...

Imagine feeling like that, losing your mother and being sent to an orphanage in a foreign country, that is what has happened 14 year old Danielle Smith. She has had a tough time after losing her mum and now she is about to experience the rollercoaster that is living with her favourite boy band, Union J...

*A/N: Helloooo guys :D! This is the prologue for my new Union J fanfiction. I hope you guys like it. I know it sounds like a bit much, but if you want me to continue this story, could this get 10 votes? I want to know that people will read it if I continue so that I'm not wasting time! :)

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