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Meet Rhys Winchester. Black hair that's scruffy around her ears, a long pixie cut, with piercing green eyes, just like her older brother. She looks a lot like her dad, John Winchester, and is just as determined, if not more, as her father. She has very few memories of her mother, Mary, because her mom died when she was two years old. Her brother, four year old Dean, had held six-month-old Sammy in one arm, and pulled Rhys out of the burning house with his other hand. That day changed the three sibling's lives; they grew up on the road, learning to fight the monsters that hide in the dark. Rhys is about 5 foot 6, and wears henleys, her old, worn olive green army surplus jacket, and dark jeans. Everything she has is worn, but that's the way she likes it. Rhys has never had a life outside of hunting, dropping out of middle school when she couldn't stand the constant switching of the schools any more, instead teaching herself out of her brother's text books and hunting with their father. She loves her life, her job, and wouldn't have it any other way.


The picture above is pretty much who I picture Rhys to look like.

Hey! This is the soulless kid here, and I like this story, which I started because so many of the sisters in Supernatural sis!fics were kinda wimpy, and babied by her brothers, which I believe would be incorrect if there was a female Winchester. John would have treated her just like his two boys, training her to hunt, not to be babied by her brothers, and she would end up training harder and longer so she could do better, because she would be discriminated against for being a female hunter, the whole 79 cents for a man's dollar idea.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I'm going to put the disclamer here: If you recognize anything, such as the Supernatural plotline, quotes, and characters, it's not mine. Rhys is the only thing I own and take responsibility for.

Don't be scared of the soullessness, feel free to leave a comment!

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