Andy's Blind Date

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(You pov)

CC wanted me to watch Andy and his date, because the guys believed the girl was a fan of their band. They didn't want her ripping Andy's clothes off. "Great a body guard, " I asked CC. "Please, " he gives me puppy eyes ," Just watch them from a distance?" "Fine, " I groan. "Good get dressed, " CC kisses my cheek then leaves closing the door so I could get dressed. I can only imagine what was running through Andy's head. Did he think I was the blind date? I smirk, " let's have some fun. " I got dressed in a short dress with leggings , and combat boots. I did very little makeup and brush out my (h/c) hair color, (l/h) length hair. I now head down stairs putting my plate in the sink. "I thought we had practice, " I heard Andy complain as they drag him to the living room. "Well you were tricked, " Jinxx said. I go to the living room, all the guys were there. Andy frowns slightly tilting his head.
(Andy pov)

Was (Y/n) my blind date?  She looked amazing,  and knew how to put makeup on without hiding her natural beauty. I tilt my head a little. Had CC asked her to do this? "So I asked (y/n) to keep an eye on you and your date, " CC said catching my attention," we believe that this girl that we set up with you is a fan of our band."There was a knock at the door. (Y/n) answered the door and soon two people came to the living room. (y/n) stood next to a female of 23 having a lot of makeup on unatural blue hair. She looked really cute, but I frown now seeing her excitement build. "Your Andy Biersack ," she squealed. She began to sequel louder seeing the others. (Y/n) stood near CC not liking the girls reaction. I walked up to the blue haired girl. "May I ask what your name might be, " I asked. "Blue, " she smiles," my friends call me blue. " "But what is your real name, " I asked. She frowns she wasn't gonna tell me. I nod and took her hand ," so where did the guys set me and her on a blind date to?" "Carnival, " Jake and Jinxx squeal handing me three tickets. They begin to push me and Blue out the door after placing my car keys in my hand. We enter after I gave the tickets. Blue and I played games at tents (y/n) keeping eye on Blue to make sure she wasn't an all out crazy fan girl. Something felt off about Blue. She was a shy girl and wonderful really she was. I took her by a large circus tent taking her by both hands. "Blue I have something to tell you before anything goes any further," I said looking into her eyes. "Yes, " her eyes lit up. I sigh  ," I am so sorry I can't get over Juliet. There is something about you that reminds me of her, and I don't want to go through that. It is not you trust me. It definitely isn't you it is me. So to save you and I from heart break later I am stopping this date right now. I can take you Home still if you need a ride." "No it's okay, " she gives a small smile," my friend are here, they were here just in case this happened. " "You knew  ," I asked. "Jinxx warned me ," she nods ," so good night Andy." She let's my hands go and she leaves. "What the hell just happened," I asked out loud. "Well the guys know you are still heart broken, " (y/n) said I had forgotten she was here. I pull her to me seeing she was shivering. "You should have brought a jacket, " I told her. "Same to you ," she said then I realized she had taken my jacket when I said that. She pulls away putting my jacket on and smiles," Didn't do it! " She giggles and runs off, I chase her.

(You pov)

I laugh as I run from Andy his long legs gave him speed. I ran and hide, I didn't see him nor did I hear him. I catch my breath pecking out to check. A scream rippled through my body as I was picked up from behind. Andy laughs setting me down. "You are not fair, " I cry out trying to get out of his arms. He smiles and suddenly let's me go. His face became serious as if thinking something over. "What is it Andy, " I asked. He looks at me and then looks away. "Andy just tell me," I said softly looking at him. His lips crash onto mine, my heart speeds up.  Had he realized I had a crush? I kiss back after he was gonna pull away. He pulls away looking into my eyes. "Sorry," he whispered looking into my eyes ,"I couldn't help myself." I smile and kiss him softly softly tugging his hair. He groans softly and soon looks at me. "Be my girlfriend, " he asked his deep voice sending pleasant shivers down my spine," be my bat woman?"  "Yes, " I smile up at him," my batman."

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