Childhood Friends

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You were sitting under a tree trying to think about the new ninjutsu your sensei taught you while trying to use the new move, it was sand manipulation and it seemed pretty hard at the time, you were only seven at the time, you weren't any good at it so you have given up. You yawn and stretch your legs, you were pretty worn out while training today so you decide to sleep under the tree. You fall asleep but you are interrupted by kids yelling and surrounding one boy. He looked about your age, red haired, sea-green eyes, rings around his eyes, as did he have a lack of eyebrows. The kids were calling him a monster, and some ran away, the boy had his stuffed bear held tight around his arms and he looked scared. you hop off of the tree to see what was happening. You heard them calling the boy a freak. "Alright Alright, knock it off. " you yell, " or things may get a little bloody.. ".
The boy gives you a shy glare and asks " Are you going to be mean aswell? " " not in a million years " you blush. He's a bit taller than you. " m-my name is Gaara... What's yours? " he asks. " mine is (y/n) ".
" would you like to be friends? " you ask patiently, he just nods.

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