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You were about to run into the restaurant when you were tripped by some loose sand sending you to the ground, tripping Gaara. He landed on you and fell to the side, his eyes locked on yours. You both laughed and got up, you dusted your shirt off, so did he. You walked into the restaurant with Gaara- San. You and him got mysterious glares, and girls giggled as you got to a table, a waitress came up and groaned "can I take your orde- OH it's the KazeKage! What would you like..?" He nodded as you answered "two ramen please.." The lady took the order and left, leaving you two alone. he was gazing into your eyes with an odd glare, a cute type. --time skip 10 mins, 10 PRECIOUS minutes--
The waitress brung the ramen and set it at the table, and you and him began to eat
----moar time skips----

You both finished and have payed and left. As you two were walking you tripped, again, but Gaara catches you. You two are star gazed into eachother eyes, Gaara helps you to your feet and he scratches the back of his head " well I know (y/n) I have known you for a few years and have not seen eachother for a while, but, I think I'm in love." He said. You blushed and hugged him, and he hugged you back.

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