10 Years Later

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You now completed all of the needed exams to be a ninja and you've just got your final test, you were exhausted and thrilled at the same time to be a full ninja, so you decided to reward yourself with some ramen. You were walking through the city when all the sudden sand starts piling around your feet, slowly curling up your ankles, you turn around only to see a man, a familiar face. " hello (y/n), do you remember me?" He says politely. " I think so" you reply, "but I forget your name". " wait, Gaara?" You ask. He nods at you. "So you do remember, old friend." His sand erodes away from your feet as you go to hug him. When you pull back from the hug you look at him, his face flushed. "W- what's wrong?" You ask. He just stays there, speechless. "So what brings you to my kingdom?" He asks simply. " you creep, I live here!" You give his elbow a slight shove, only to be pushing sand, not his shoulder. " why did sand block me?" you ask suspiciously. "The Sand protects me from harm, you do know that?" He asks. "No I actually didn't" you say. "Well, next time you'll know." He says. "Hey! Garra, would you like to join me for some ramen?" You ask. He nods and smiles. You blush and grab his arm as you drag him to a restaurant.

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